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Lifter Puller
(03/17/97) Skene! Records - 43 / Runt Records - 24
Double Straps / Bloomington / Star Wars Hips / Bruce Bender / Lazy Eye / The Mezzanine Gypoff / Jeep Beep Suite / Rental / Solid Gold Sole / Sublet / Summerhouse / Mission Viejo / Mono

NOTE: Recorded and mixed at Idful Studios in Chicago, IL in January 1996 by Casey Rice. Lifter Puller is: Craig Finn (vocals/guitar), Steve Barone (guitar), Tom Roach (bass), and Dan Monick (drums). Italian release date was 4/18/97.
Half Dead and Dynamite
(10/21/97) No Alternative Records - TGR 89372
To Live and Die in LBI / I Like The lights / Sherman City / Nassau Coliseum / Kool NYC / Half Dead and Dynamite / The Bears / Hardware / Gin and The Sour Defeat / Viceburgh / Rock for Lite Brite

NOTE: Produced by Mike Wisti at Albatross in the summer of 1997.
The Entertainment And Arts The Entertainment and Arts
(09/??/98) Threatening Letters - TL 001
Plymouth Rock / The Candy Machine and My Girlfriend / Sangre de Stephanie / Roaming The Foam / Star Wars Hips / Let's Get Incredible

NOTE: Recorded at Burr Holland by Dave Gardner with tons of assistance from Eric Olsen (he played some organ too). Additional vocals: Matt Olson and Miki Mosman. Cowbells on loan from Lori B.
Fiestas + Fiascos
(02/08/00) Frenchkiss Records - FK 002 / Self Starter - PSP 010
Lonely in a Limousine / Candy's Room / Space Humping $19.99 / Manpark / Lake Street is for Lovers / Nice, Nice / Katrina and the K-Hole / Cruised and Accused of Cruising / Touch My Stuff / Lie Down on Landsdowne / Lifter Puller vs. The End of the Evening / The Flex and Buff Result

NOTE: Recorded at Burr Holland by Dave Gardner and Eric Olsen. The street date for the album was in February, but the album was sold by the band at shows as early as November 1999.

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