About the Author

Stephen Manning is a widely traveled professional educator with experience in several fields including the military; adventure sports; international tourism; health and fitness education; business management; public speaking; marketing; counseling; teacher training; religious education and ministry; and as an instructor of foreign languages. Originally from the West of Ireland, in recent years he has worked and studied in the United States, chiefly in New York and Alaska. He is currently under teaching contract in Asia where he pursues studies in International Management whilst managing and directing Checkpoint Education Services; offering specialised instruction, support, and guidance services at college, university, and post-graduate levels. 

Holder of a PhD in Counseling Psychology, a Masters in Comparative Religions, and a wide range of sports and physical education certificates, he focuses his research and writing specifically on the subjects of (i) universal archetypes, (ii) holistic philosophies, and (iii) the history, development, and social effects of religion, with a view to identifying common and therefore unifying truths throughout. 

With the discovery of universal Truths (with a capital ‘T’) as the declared objective; and drawing upon personal experiences in both religion and psychology; Manning's work is marked by a refreshingly direct and uncompromising frankness that cuts to the often-disquieting facts despite the muted objections of traditionalists, and the occasionally-strident protests of career religionists and fundamentalists alike. More an investigator than a commentator, Manning has uncovered some truly astounding facts during his research that will undoubtedly lead us to question many long established beliefs and practices. "Indeed" ..says Manning, "such critical thinking is vital to our progression from a state of faith-based (but relative) ignorance of our spiritual-emotional-physical environment, into a higher state of collective awareness. Education is the key to that process, but we should remain ever alert that when dealing with academic theories, 'expert' opinions, or religious beliefs - that words are only metaphors. But Truth, on the other hand - is always her own witness.”

Speaking Engagements and Instruction

The author is available for speaking engagements. Areas of expertise include:

  • The Meaning of Color; natural, historical, symbolic, religious, psychological
  • World Religions; especially Christianity, Islam, and New Age beliefs
  • Universal Archetypes; Jungian, cultural, scientific, mythological, religious
  • Psychology of Religion; the true religious experience; religion as faith and hope / as credulity / as myth and superstition / as relationship and addiction / as social order and disorder / as disease or therapy / as culture 
  • Systematics; in education, in languages, in sports instruction, in teacher training 
  • R.E.A.L. Communication; guidelines for maximising communication both at work at at home
  • Personal Health and Fitness; spirit-mind-body balance - whole health programs such as FRESH START (acronym for; Food, Recreation, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration, Study, Tenancy, Addictions, Relationships, Trust in a Higher Power). Click here for archive photo on the Norma Goodman TV Show with NEW START presenter Paul Volk in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Language Instruction; English, French, German  
  • Various Presentations for Instruction or Entertainment; Everest Base Camp; Alaska, the Last Frontier; Summer and Winter Resorts in Europe, Asia, and the United States (slide shows)

The author holds (or has held) formal instructor certificates in the following areas: 

  • Soccer Coach Y.M.C.A
  • Archery and Small Arms Skills 
  • Army Assistant Physical Training Instructor
  • British Association of Ski Instructors (B.A.S.I)
  • International Association of Ski Instructors (I.S.I.A)
  • NATO Forces; Mountain Sports and Survival Instructor
  • Professional Ski Instructors of America (P.S.I.A) Level III
  • American Federation of Athletic Associations (A.F.A.A.)
  • American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Swiss (E.S.S.), Austrian (O.L.S.), Italian (S.I.S.) local ski-teacher certifications 

You may email Stephen using the following link: contact@color-of-truth.com

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