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Mon, 02 Aug 2004

i love zombies
george romero is the undisputed father of zombie gore cinema. franchises like "resident evil" and even "doom" take many of their style cues and world rules from the early romero films. needless to say, there are few things more creepy than dead people who won't *die*.

recently my company tmiec partnered with asylum entertainment to bring to life a new romero concept called "city of the dead". we're now in the process of shopping the interactive rights to games publishers. the tagline for the product is "the goriest game ever made". we hope to bruise a few psyches with this one.
below are a couple of concept images. you can also check out the concept overview document.

if you're a publisher looking for a new piece of IP with pre-sold awareness and a huge built-in marketing you need not look much further than this. romero's most recent film, a remake of dawn of the dead, knocked "the passion of christ" out of the #1 slot a few months back. a second film was just green-lit, and a third is in the works. romero himself would be happy to be involved in the development... and yours truly is available as well :) we also have an amazing development team lined up and ready to go. contact me if you'd like more info about the license.

zombies zombies zombies zombies

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