Apollonius of Tyana : The Monkey of Christ?

By Robertino Solàrion ©1999-2001

General Information

Thank you for your interest in Apollonius of Tyana!

At Apollonius.Net you can read several chapters of the new book Apollonius of Tyana : The Monkey of Christ? by Robertino Solàrion. Dr. R.W. Bernard's book Apollonius the Nazarene has been included in its entirety in Apollonius of Tyana : The Monkey of Christ?, because Dr. Bernard is now deceased, his copyright has expired and his book is currently in the public domain. The version of Dr. Bernard's book included here has been proofread and edited where necessary, making it easier to read than other versions which one might find on the Web; however, no substantive textual modifications were made, although parenthetical footnote-like comments have been added throughout his text.

There are over 900 total pages in this manuscript, which is Volume One in a projected pair of books about Apollonius of Tyana. This book has not yet been published either in hardcover paper or electronically on CD-ROM. In the event that either of these possibilities occur, and if you would wish to obtain the complete published edition, please send an email below; and your email address will be added to an on-going database for just this purpose. You can also be added to a special Apollonius mailing list to receive any and all of the latest updates in this research, whenever additional information arises, as well as other information of a related nature. To be added to this mailing list, please send your request to the email link provided below.

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After reading or perusing this material, if you would wish to see more, please send an email below and let me know which chapters you would like to read. Because of the unstructured, freewheeling nature of the Internet, in order to protect the totality of my common-law copyright, several chapters of this book will not be made public until after any full hard-copy edition is available for sale on the open market.

Let me express my appreciation and gratitude to Polo Delsalles of Montréal, Québec, Canada, for his contributions and research towards this project, most notably his French translation of Dr. Bernard's complete work, as well as other material. Polo also contributed a number of graphics for the Galleries. Merci beaucoup, Polo!

Once again, thank you for your interest in Apollonius of Tyana!

Robertino Solàrion, Dallas, Texas

18 January 1999

Updated : 1 May 2001