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i am lonely will anyone speak to me

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14 Jul 2004 09:49 am
Posted by lonely (Guest)

please will anyone speak to about anything to me

14 Jul 2004 10:22 am
Posted by madmanwholoves youbabyand wantsto kissyo (Guest)

ok so how are you
are you a piece of pig's bollok
do you love onet
can you tell me if you are infact pierrette

15 Jul 2004 10:22 am
Posted by hi (Guest)

hi how are you are you ok
do you like any celbs if so reply

20 Jul 2004 07:12 am
Posted by Fairylady (Guest)

Why are you lonely? Are you on your own?
Don't worry i'll talk to you. So, what are you doing now, i'm eating chocolate ice cream in fairy land. Close your eyes and dream of a better place and you'll see me, you should feel better now..i've sprinkled my magic dust over you.

23 Jul 2004 02:10 am
Posted by wetfeet2000 (Guest)

dude, i typed in "I am lonely" in google, and your post was the very first reposnse. does that make you the most popular lonliest person on the planet ?

23 Jul 2004 04:50 am
Posted by rhombus (Guest)

ha, i did that too..."i am lonely" on google...i found it kinda funny and also kinda sad that somebody else did the same thing

27 Jul 2004 08:59 pm
Posted by jonesb2 (Guest)

i am lonely too...sometimes life is no fun.

29 Jul 2004 03:01 pm
Posted by Paul (Guest)

Ha I typed "I am lonely" into Google as well! Wonderful. I'm not so lonely anymore!

04 Aug 2004 12:46 pm
Posted by keefy (Guest)

i am lonely to! yet another that searched for it in google.

04 Aug 2004 02:46 pm
Posted by GOOGLESEARCH (Guest)

LOL, was bored, so i punched in "i am lonely" on google and this was the first site that came up.


05 Aug 2004 08:13 pm
Posted by Paul (Guest)

Obv. we're not as lonely as we think. well, at least, we're not ALONE in being lonely...

06 Aug 2004 09:51 pm
Posted by cat75 (Guest)

am lonely too, moved to new town and not sure how to meet people...

07 Aug 2004 02:14 am
Posted by Ebato

Try typing in "miserable failure" @ google and go to the first site or hit "Im Feelin Lucky" so funny...

20 Aug 2004 11:16 pm
Posted by Chess (Guest)

This is funny - I typed, "I am lonely" cause I am and am feeling down about it and I see all you guys have done the same - I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

22 Aug 2004 06:35 am
Posted by djafar (Guest)

I typed "I am lonely" into Google as well ....

26 Aug 2004 07:05 pm
Posted by infinite

We are all losers and need lives......(yes i typed i am lonely on google) smiley

26 Aug 2004 07:50 pm
Posted by me (Guest)

i like the rest of you typed in i am lonley to google. i am lonely though. it is not much fun all things considered being like this. i don't know why this has happened to me and you guys too. i thought i was a normal enough sort of perosn for a long time, but now a blanket of despair seems to be encroahing around me. help someone soon please!

27 Aug 2004 01:30 pm
Posted by Jade (Guest)

Get a JOB!

27 Aug 2004 03:49 pm
Posted by my lonely self (Guest)

i typed in im lonely 2 awww its good 2 know im not alone! love marie

27 Aug 2004 11:14 pm
Posted by starr (Guest)

typed the same - I have a job - how did you end up here - lonely like the rest of us??? - amazing isn't it that with all this technology connecting us we still feel alone?

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