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Welcome to Agora.

 Agora \Ag"o*ra\ ([a^]g"[-o]*r[.a]), n. [Gr. 'agora`.]
     An assembly; hence, the place of assembly, especially the
     market place, in an ancient Greek city.
                        -- Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Agora is a site written by its users. It is a repository of information regarding the development of online multiuser environments (such as MUDs or massively multiplayer online games). It has grown out of the MudDev mailing list, as a complement to its ongoing discussion of issues, in order to provide the field, and those wishing to enter it, with something that is more of a reference archive.

Thanks for dropping in, and we hope you find the information here useful and that you'll have some content of your own to contribute!

Starting Points:

  • WelcomeGuest: Look here first to get you started and for information about how to use this site.
  • WhatIsAgora: What is this site? What are our goals?
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Main sections:

  • Development, covering technological issues and the development of multi-user systems.
  • CollaborativeEnvironments, covering the use, design, and implementation of cooperative virtual environments for academic, workplace, or educational applications
  • GameDesign, covering the design of games within a multi-user environment.
  • CommercialIssues, covering topics regarding running a commercial online game.
  • Further Reading: Links to other sites and resources.

Recent Changes:

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  • WebNotify:
    WebNotify is a subscription service to be automatically notified by email when topics change in the Agora.Main web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have ...
  • WurmOnline:
    http://www.wurmonline.com/ "Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in Java. Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to develop ...
  • OtherInformationSources:
    There are quite a few places that gather together a greater or lesser amount of information about building online games. Following is a short list, hopefully to be ...
  • TWikiUsers:
    List of Agora users Please take the time and add yourself to the list. To do that fill out the form in TWIKIWEB .TWikiRegistration. This will create an account for ...

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