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While the Roy of the Rovers story is no doubt the most famous and the longest running, there were lots of other stories which graced the Tiger and Roy of the Rovers comics across the years. 

The Tiger comic was first published on 11th September 1954 and the Roy of the Rovers comic was first published on 26th September 1976. The Tiger comic merged with Eagle on 30th March 1985 and the Roy of the Rovers comic ceased publication on 23rd March 1993. The Roy of the Rovers comic was relaunched as a monthly starting in September 1993 for a further 19 issues finally biting the dust in March 1995. Everything starts in September and finishes in March! Even the website started in the month of September!

This area of the web site focuses on the stories which appeared in these comics (except Roy of the Rovers which has its own area). 

Plans are for a series of stories to be featured predominately focusing on those which appeared in the Roy of the Rovers comic. Follow the link to the left to view a matrix of information about Roy of the Rovers stories. 

Choose your favourite story from the poll below and the most popular story will be the first one featured.


Favourite Comic Story

What is your favourite Roy of the Rovers comic story?
Billy's Boots
Durrells Palace
Hamish/ Mouse
The Hard Man
The Marks Bothers
The Safest Hands in Soccer
Tommy's Troubles

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