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  Since 1989, the Department of German at the University of Virginia has cooperated with the Center for the Liberal Arts to offer programs for the professional development of teachers of German in the Commonwealth. The German Project aims to enhance language skills through the study of culture. Our intensive summer institutes are designed to provide opportunities for teachers to speak German, exchange information and teaching strategies, preview new German texts, and discuss topics of interest with visiting experts.

2001 Programs and Fellowships for Virginia School Teachers

Online Resources for German Teachers

American Association of Teachers of German


Ask a Professor: Would you like feedback on your thoughts and questions about a specific text, author, or literary topic? The Center will forward your question to a professor in the UVa German Department.

Make a Suggestion: What types of courses would you like to see the Center offer? Please send us your suggestions.
Request an Application: Would you like to have an application form or more information about our programs for Virginia teachers? Click here to e-mail your request to CLA. Please include your mailing address and phone number, the name of your school, your Virginia school district, and the grades you teach. Specify the programs that you are interested in.
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