This web site was put together initially by Dr Luke Randall in November 2000. However, several others including Joe Baker, Diane Eager, Paul Taylor, Craig Hampton and Joe Gallien have been involved with the site in different ways. You can read a bit about us and our involvement with the site below.

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LUKE RANDALL.  I put this site together because as a scientist and as a Christian I was keen that people might be able to see some counter arguments to the usually accepted theory of evolution. There are lots of such sites on the Internet (see links page for a few more), this is just one of  many. In the main, this site gives scientific arguments, rather than faith based arguments in favour of Creation or Intelligent design. Some Christians believe that the theory of evolution can be a block to people having faith in a God who cares for them and for all of humanity and this is explored a bit in the Faith and Does it matter pages.

I hope this site may encourage some non-Christians to think about the Christian faith and might help some Christians in their faith, by seeing that science is not contrary to the possibility that God created life on earth with only a limited ability to change.

I have worked in science since for about 30 years and have an Honours equivalent in applied biology specialising in medical microbiology, a Masters degree in Immunology and a PhD in the area of antibiotic resistance in the bacteria Salmonella. Click here if you want to see some papers I have written or been involved with. You can look some of these up on the PubMed web site.

 However, I readily admit that like all of us I am learning, so feel free contact us if you disagree with any information on this site. To top.


JOE BAKER. I am now 22 years old (2004) and have spent the last year of my life touring the country (USA), speaking to high school students on worldview issues including the Creation versus evolution debate. I have spoken in 30 states and driven through almost every one of the 50.
The Lord has taught me some amazing lessons since high school, and now I am beginning my first book that may take a few years to write. Right now most of my life is consumed with personal discovery and preparing for the next section of my journey. At present (2004) I am working and training in Alaska under the leadership of John Eldridge of Ransomed Heart Ministries. 
Joe has been on TV and radio in the USA to talk about the Creation versus evolution issue. Joe has contributed to parts of this site including on the FAQ and Does it matter pages and has also contributed by responding to posted comments. Click here to E-mail Joe Baker. To top.
DIANE EAGERI am a medical graduate, but have spent most of my time in medical education and doing some research. I became interested in the Creation and evolution issue because I was never happy with the idea that Genesis and evolution were describing the same events. As I looked at the evidence and discussed it with other people I found more and more evidence that fitted the Bible but not evolution. I now spend most of my time doing research, writing and presentation preparation in Creation topics. I also give slide presentations, mainly on biology and design and some Biblical topics. I currently work full time for Creation Research in Australia. 

Diane Eager has contributed to this site by writing most of the Complexity page and writing some parts of the FAQ page.  Diane currently attends an Evangelical Anglican Church. To top.


PAUL TAYLOR. Paul lives in Auckland, NZ and is married and has two adult daughters and one grandson. Paul is active in caring for the whole family as his main focus but likes to spend time on the computer, sending and receiving emails and browsing the Internet. His main interests there include following the discussions around Creation and evolution and learning about Linux and computer security issues.

In an earlier stage of his life, Paul worked as an Accountant, with a major segment as Cost Accountant for a factory producing fibreglass insulation. It was in this role that he began his interest in computing, initially programming the costing functions on a programmable calculator, then overseeing the programming for one of the first commercial desktop computers

One of his main achievements was building the family home during a short leave from this office job. His interest in Creation Science began as a teenager when he was confronted by the challenge of evolution but flowered when he was unable to work following an illness and became acquainted with Creation Research founder, John Mackay, at a Creation workshop.
Paul has contributed immensely to  this site by careful proof reading of many pages with editorial suggestions. Paul has also suggested many of the useful links in the Links page and has responded to many of the comments posted to this site in the past. To top
CRAIG HAMPTON. I live in the USA and am married with two children. For several years I have been interested in the Creation versus evolution debate and have contributed to this site by responding to many past comments posted to this site and by writing a part of the Anti Creation page. I grew up in a Christian home and have essentially been a Christian all my life. Although I grew up in the Methodist church, I transitioned with my family to a church in the Nazarene denomination when I was in high school and have stayed there ever since.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and should have my Masters of Business Administration degree completed by May 2005 if all goes as planned . To top.
JOE GALLIEN. Joe Gallien from the USA is an electrical engineer and a loving father and husband.  Joe Gallien has been interested in the Creation versus evolution debate for many years and has taken part in various web forums on this subject. Joe Gallien has contributed to this site with helpful comments and by responding to some comments posted to the site - see Comments page. To top.



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