Saturday 12th - . - Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs

National Demo. Noon at Lichfield Town Centre and after at the farm.

Sunday 13th - . - Animal Rights Coalition Meeting

Held at Veggies’ Sumac Centre, for all campaigning groups and individuals. Notes from the meeting

Sat/Sunday 26th/27th - . - Earth First! Winter Moot

Weekend gathering at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative, for campaigning groups and individuals. Catering by Anarchist TeaPot (& Veggies Cake!).


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Saturday 2nd - . - Jill Phipps Memorial Rally

150 people turned up at Darley Oaks Farm at noon on Saturday. From the outset the atmosphere was electric and the draconian section 14 cordon was immediately ignored and covered in posters! Nobody was prepared to take any more from the police and people were all over the A515 and the blood-stained driveway. The noise was also unprecedented; sirens and drums, screaming and shouting pounding out all day. There were impassioned speeches from campaigners describing the vile conditions in the sheds, the sorry and corrupt state of the pharmaceutical industry and the urgent need to get this hell hole closed before more animals die.
Full demo report.

Saturday 9th - . - Live Exports - Never Again

March from Hyde Park to Compassion in World Farming rally at Trafalgar Square

Thanks to the thousands of people who supported our March and Rally against the live export trade on Saturday, 9th February. The March, led by Joanna Lumley and Gwyn Prosser MP, made a real impact as we followed a lively samba band from Hyde Park (Marble Arch) to Trafalgar Square.
Supporters came from all over the country – Devon, Wales, Cambridge, Birmingham, Coventry – even Scotland. At Trafalgar Square, rousing speeches were given by Joyce D’Silva, Peter Stevenson and Richard Hardy from CIWF (Richard’s from our Irish branch) and also from Gwyn Prosser MP, Tracy Sortwell, representing the Womens’ Institute, Peter Kindersley, the well-known organic farmer and Joanna Lumley, who made a passionate plea for us not to be afraid of expressing our feelings for the animals, who have feelings too. After the Rally, the speakers all signed a letter which was handed in to Mr Blair at Downing Street calling on the Government to abandon the live export trade.
A huge thank you to everyone who supported the March and Rally and made it such a brilliant event
Report from

Saturday 9th - . - Red Roses Cabaret

Featuring: Clarion Choir, Whoosh, Mark Strawbidge, The Ragged Ramblers and other local performers at The Place, Sherwood Depot Activity Centre. Food from Veggies, raising funds for Oxfam Afghanistan Appeal

Friday 15th - . - Animal Charity Benefit Night

In memory of Jill Phipps and hunt sab Mike Hill. With Foundnation, Pirana and Twisted at 'Platform 5', Coventry. Food from Veggies, raising funds for Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuaries.

Saturday 16th - . - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Rally and demonstration in Huntingdon and at the gates of HLS. Full report here

Saturday 16th - . - Movement for Compassionate Living

Members meeting at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative.

Saturday 23rd - . - End factory farming - before it ends us

Rally and march against factory farming in Stratford-upon-Avon, and after Bickmarsh Hall pig farm, near Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire [map].

Tony Wardle addresses Stratford rally Stratford rally Bickmarsh Hall

For details of Viva's campaign against factory farming, including shocking pictures from Rynehill Pig Farm, see


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All month - . - Veggie Month Campaigning

Sunday 3rd - . - Childline Fundraiser

Catering by Veggies

Saturday 9th - . - Last Chance Rally to oppose Genetic Engineering

Around 200 people attended the national rally in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire opposing the growing of Genetically Modified crops, with information stalls and displays; Speakers including Dr. John Latham (genetic scientist), Becky Price (GeneWatch), Helena Paul (Econexus), Local Food Roadshow slide show and talk. Veggies provided organic and wholefood catering. Speakers addressed the rally prior to it visiting a GM farm-scale trial near the village of Long Marston.

Full demo report.

Wednesday 20th - . - Veggie Pledge Month - Feed-A-Friend Evening

Vegetarian Tasting; Free Recipies ideas; Cookery Videos; Books and Magazines; Help and advice from friendly veggies and exhibitors at V1 Vegetarian Fast Foods, Hounds Gate, Nottingham.

Monday 25th - Thurday 28th - . - Protest against Peat Cutting

Easter blockade 2002! 4 days of direct action at the Scotts Peat works, Hatfield Moor, near Doncaster. Base Camp Location
Thorne and Hatfield Moors are the largest remaining lowland peat habitats in England. But this is not enough to stop them being ravaged by US multinational Scotts, extracting millions of tons of peat to sell to garden centres and farmers around the country. We want to stop the destruction. Resistance in the area has been increasing throughout 2001, but we're not going to stop until we've saved the moor.
More details at Peat Alert

Saturday 30th - . - Bestwood Tree-planting

BBQ by Veggies

Sunday 31st - . - Animal Rights Coalition Meeting

Held at Veggies’ Sumac Centre, for all campaigning groups and individuals - Missed it??? Next meeting - May 26th.

APRIL 2002

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Ronny at Aintree

Saturday 6th - . - Grand National

National Demonstration at Aintree Race Track

Campaigners from Nottingham and Chesterfield joined 300 others at the largest peaceful protest Aintree Race Track has ever seen! [map] . Co-ordinated by Animal Aid . Food by Veggies

A minute's silence for horses shot dead at race meetings
Yet again the three day Aintree meeting, culminating in the Grand National, saw the deaths of more horses with Desert Moun-tain and Anubis Quercus being shot after sustaining a fractured shoulder and a broken neck as the first casualties of the Ain-tree meeting on Friday. As ever it did not even warrant press mention!! This was the situation last year when Outback Way died and the previous year when five horses were killed. The deaths on Friday brought to 25 the number of horses that have died at Aintree since 1997. This year there was a minutes silence for the Queen mother. Perhaps those who wish to be involved in this "sport" should have a minutes silence for all those horses who never get to enjoy a peaceful retirement but are shot behind green screens at Aintree each year. We are told this is the "sport" of kings and queens and those of lofty birth and noble purpose. Rather it is the racing to death of beautiful noble animals raced for mans greed. David Mawson RSPCA Council Member 10:42 Friday 19th April 2002

  1. The three-day Grand National meet is designed to push horses to their limits - and beyond. The Grand National itself is run over an extreme distance of 4.5 miles and confronts horses with a bewildering combination of 30 punishing jumps. Deaths at the three day event are routine. The death toll in recent years is as follows: 2000, five deaths; 1999, four; 1998, five; 1997, eight.
  2. Every year, around 300 horses are raced to death in Britain. During the 1999/2000 National Hunt season (the Grand National is raced to National Hunt rules), 247 horses died. That's one in 31 of all those who raced.
  3. Very few horses make it to events like the Grand National - half the 8,000 foals bred each year never even see the starter's flag before they are put down. These include the 'hot-headed', the weak, the accident-prone and the deformed.
  4. Racehorses are stabled for up to 20 hours a day, causing frustration and stress. Horses are social animals who are meant to be continuously grazing and moving.
  5. During a race such as the Grand National, the heartbeat of a horse can increase tenfold - leading to potential collapse and heart attack.
  6. The majority of horses suffer stress-related lung haemorrhages during a race. And a veterinary study found that ulcerated stomachs were universal amongst racing horses.
  7. There are strong links between fox hunting and horseracing. Many older animals take a break from racing and are made to hunt in order 'to sweeten them up'. The hunting fraternity also holds its own race meetings, known as point-to-points. Horses can 'graduate' from these to recognised racecourses such as Aintree - and take part in 'prime' events like the Martell Fox Hunters' Chase, which is staged during the three-day Grand National meet. In 1999, the British Horse Racing Board gave financial support to the campaign to preserve hunting.
  8. The horseracing industry invests around £1 million each year in painful experiments that are intended to keep their investments profitable. Many of the experiments have involved infecting low-value Welsh mountain ponies with potentially lethal viruses. Symptoms suffered have included paralysis and abortion.
  9. In an effort to keep injured horses racing, hundreds are subjected each year to painful surgical mutilations such as pinfiring. First used 100 years ago, this procedure involves inserting red-hot needles through the skin to burn the leg tendons.
  10. 5,000 racehorses end their careers every year. Few enjoy a decent retirement. Many go into a wretched downward spiral, passed from owner to owner. Some end up as pet food, or go into the human food chain.

Riot Clone at Arkangel Benefit

Sunday 7th - . - International Animal Rights Festival

'A Gathering of Thousands In Memory of Barry Horne'. Bands, stalls and speakers from every section of the animal rights movement, at the Astoria, London, with Conflict, Riot Clone, Filament, Icons of Filth, Inner Terrestrials, La Fraction, Social Conflict, Active Slaughter, Subhumans and Catering by Veggies . Organised by Conflict and Arkangel Magazine, BCM 9240, London WC1N 3XX ...more....

Friday 12th - . - Countryside Alliance march against Hunting Ban

Saturday 13th - . - Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs

National Demo. Noon at Darley Oaks, Newchurch, Burton-on-Trent

Saturday 13th - . - Trade Justice

Support given for catering at Christian Aid's camaign launch at the Central Methodist Mission.

Wednesday 18th - . - ChildLine

Yummy vegan celebration cake donated for launch of the East Midland call centre for the Childline charity. We hope that Esther Rantzen, the mayor and all the other celebs will now be going vegan!

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th - . - The End Of The Road

Direct Action Gathering to build resistance to the new roads program and the corporate dominance it fuels. Up date briefings on new road schemes and corporate links. Planning tactics and responses. Details from 07813 505480 or email
This gathering is being organised to provide a forum for those interested in a direct action response to the resurrection of the government road building programme. Though now mainly decentralised to the county level, this multi- billion pound programme will devastate our environment putting thousands of acres under concrete to provide arteries for the corporate economy. The previous roads programme became the front-line for radical ecological resistance, and opposition to capitalist expansion, and has inspired similar struggles in other countries.
They are trying it again.
It is time to learn from past struggles, evolve new tactics, and become 'far more possible than their most powerful imaginings'.

Wednesday 24th - . - World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Picket of Harlan Laboratories, Belton, near Loughborough.

Saturday 27th - . - World Day SHAC Rally Demo Report

March and rally at Diss, Norfolk, followed by visit to the Occold labs, off the B1077, south of Eye in Suffolk [map] , and actions across the county. Food by Veggies . Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty: 0845 458 0630 or email

Sat/Sun 27th/28th - . - Radical Routes Gathering - Leamington Spa


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Saturday 4th - . - May Day Rally

March from The Forest, via Mansfield Road to arrive at Market Square at 12.30.
On stage in Market Square: Various Speakers, Dj's, live performers and Clarion Choir. Lots of campaign stalls including Nottingham Animal Rights; AR Chesterfield; Nottm Hunt Sabs; Sumac Centre. Catering by Veggies.

Saturday 11th - Protest against Peat Cutting

Direct action at the Scotts Peat works, Hatfield Moor, near Doncaster.
Thorne and Hatfield Moors are the largest remaining lowland peat habitats in England. But this is not enough to stop them being ravaged by US multinational Scotts, extracting millions of tons of peat to sell to garden centres and farmers around the country. We want to stop the destruction. Resistance in the area has been increasing throughout 2001, but we're not going to stop until we've saved the moor.
More details at Peat Alert. Food by Veggies.

(SchNEWS 22nd February 2002)

Peat Alert is a recently formed national campaign network, which aims to stop peat extraction in the UK and Europe. Danielle Locke, a spokesperson for the network explains, "Some of the most diverse and exciting habitats on this island are being systematically destroyed by the peat industry. Thorne and Hatfield Moors, Britain's two largest Peat bogs which support over 5,500 species, are being turned into grow bags by US Multinational Scotts. Once again, the call for resistance must go out to defend what little nature we have left."

The Moors are home to 25 endangered species and are an essential haven for fast disappearing peat bog bio-diversity. English Nature, Peat Alert and Thorne and Hatfield Conservation Forum say that despite decades of extraction having severely degraded Hatfield Moor, regeneration is possible if peat extraction is stopped. In a few years they reckon there won't be enough peat left to allow this diverse bog ecosystem to re-establish itself. Scotts disagree, claiming that the hydrology of the peat bogs is so badly damaged by years of peat working, it can no longer be restored and is not worth protecting. So, they're gonna keep digging rather than handing the sites back to English Nature to conserve.

Saturday 25th - . - Maidstone Green Fair

All food is veggie, including food by Veggies

Saturday 25th - . - Movement for Compassionate Living

Annual members meeting at the Nature Cure Clinic, Oldbury Place, London (opposite Madame Tussauds in Marylebone Road). Nearest tubes either Baker St or Regents Park . [ map ]

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th - . - Sumac Centre Work Week-end

Work continues to set up Nottingham's new community and social action centre, opening soon at 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham.

Sunday 26th - . - Animal Rights Coalition Meeting

At Veggies’ Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham, for all campaigning groups and individuals.


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Monday 3rd - . - Kingston Green Fair

Canbury Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey.
After a year off the Kingston mega-event returns with about 100 stalls of environmental interest with music, workshops, dance and more. All food is veggie, including food by Veggies, and London Vegans will be running an information stall.
More details from Kingston Green Collective, Sinclair:023 0897 4883 / Heather Stewart: 020 8546 7795 or email

Sat 8th - Sun 9th - . - Fleadh, Finsbury Park, London

Fundraising for Sumac Centre, with the Workers Beer Co. To join the Sumac Team call Becca on 0845 458 9595 or 0115 978 0019

Saturday15th - . - Peace In Space - Party On The Moor

National CND demonstration at Ellerbeck near RAF Fylingdales, with music, speakers, Veggies Food!, games and a march to the entrance of the base to hand in a statement of objection. A small group walked from Whitby to join the party and to march to the base. The event is jointly organised by Yorkshire CND, Fylingdales Action Network and National CND. This is the first demonstration against missile defence after the ABM treaty's death.
Details from: Yorkshire CND, 22 Edmund Street, Bradford BD8 7AY. Phone Neil Kingsnorth at Yorkshire CND on 01274-730795 or email

Saturday 15th - . - Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs

National demo against breeders for vivisection in Litchfield with Food by Veggies.

Demo Report.

Saturday 15th - . - Bagthorpe Gardens Fundraiser

Fundraiser at The Place, at Sherwood Depot, to secure community ownership of allotment site. Music by Fieldworks, Clarion Choir and others, with Food by Veggies

Sunday 16th - . - Brinsley Carnival

Food by Veggies

Wednesday 19th - . - McLibel: Anniversary of 1997 High Court Victory!

See McSpotlight, email McLibel Support Campaign or write to 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1. 020 7713 1269. Adopt-A-Store Network:0845 458 9595

Saturday 22nd June 2002

Sumac Centre Opening Day

After almost 2 years of planning and fundraising, and 12-months of renovation work, the Sumac Centre, the new home of Veggies and many other activist groups, is finally open in Nottingham.

Join us at 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham, for tours of the new facilities, gardens, library and vegan cafe. Initially opening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 10am - 6pm, with more days and more facilities to follow after returning from our busy summer season tour of green gatherings and other events.

Saturday 22th - . - Paul & Kerry's Wedding

Catering by Veggies.

24th - 30th - . - Glastonbury Festival : Green Futures Field

Food by Veggies has been part of the Glastonbury experience since 1990, becoming as much of the tradition as the mud. We arrive on the Sunday, and provide catering for other stall holders and crew, before running 24-hours daily from the opening on the gates on the Wednesday, until the traffic queues line up on the Monday.
Also fundraising for Sumac Centre at Glastonbury, with the Workers Beer Co.


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Thursday 4th - . - Independence from Americal Missiles in Space

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases Demo at Menwith Hill. Veggies Food! . For further details : Anni Rainbow and Lindis Percy on 01943 466405 or 01482 702033 or email

5th - Sun 7th - . - Oasis - Finsbury Park, London

Fundraising for Sumac Centre, with the Workers Beer Co.

Wednesday 10th - Sunday 14th - . - Earth First Summer Gathering

This years EF! summer gathering was in the West Country. An opportunity for anyone interested in non-hierarchical environmental direct action to get together and spend five days in the countryside, learning new skills and discussing campaigns, with a range of practical workshops and theoretical discussions on everything from 'how to do an office occupation', facilitate meetings and run a newsletter, to self defence, land collectives, community organising and Veggies Cake!. Discussions on past, present and future UK campaigns, the implications of the global economy and building international resistance.

Saturday 13th - . - End factory farming - before it ends us

Noon at Kennington Park, London SE11 (tube: Oval) for rally and march to Trafalgar Square with Food by Veggies. All day exhibition at the Camden Centre, Judd Street, London WC1 (tube: Kings Cross). Details from Viva! 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD. Ph: 01273 777688, email Becky or see

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st - . - Goddess Camp

3 days in Bestwood Park with Food by Veggies.

Saturday 20th - . - Ronny & Andrew's Wedding

Catering by Veggies.

Sunday 21st - . - Freshfields Animal Rescue

Sanctuary open day at East Lodge Farm, East Lane, Ince Blundell, Liverpool. Fun dog show, Kids stuff, Veggies Food.
Details 0151 931 1604 or email Ann

24th - 28th : Big Green Gathering

Since 1994 the Big Green Gathering has grown to be Britain's largest and most successful outdoor event for members and supporters of the Green movement. From the beginning, it has been a showcase for Green ideas and innovations, with the whole festival powered by wind, solar and pedal-generated power, and combining entertainments and fun activities for all ages with displays and workshops focussing on the Green issues of sustainable development and environmental conservation.

The 2002 event took place at Winchester Farm, on the edge of the Somerset Levels just outside the famous town of Cheddar. It was attended by over 11,000 people, most of whom camped on the site for the full five days.
On-site venues featured music, theatre, cinema, poetry and cabaret, as well as the usual mixture of educational and empowering workshops throughout the Campaigns, Crafts, Healing, Earth Energies and Permaculture Areas, and a huge range of fun activities in the bustling Kids Area with everything from DJ-ing to yoga via puppets and parachute games.
Highlights included the main entertainments venue which was housed in a huge 'Saddlespan' tent, provided by Roustabout marquees of mid-Wales, with stage, PA and lighting supplied and managed by the Green Roadshow (a.k.a. Croissant Neuf), and powered by solar panel arrays provided by the Green Roadshow and Wind & Sun. This quickly became the hottest club in the West of England, with over 1,000 people at a time dancing to top live bands and festival favourites including Kangaroo Moon, Praying For The Rain, Nick Turner's All-Stars, Seize The Day, Banco De Gaia, Riven, Headmix and many others. And of course there was food by Veggies and also the first event for the Sumac tea room/ reading marquee!

27th - 28th - . - God's Kitchen

All night dance event in Sheffield, fundraising for Sumac Centre, with the Workers Beer Co.


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3rd to 17th - . - Vegan Camp

A camp for vegans, or those willing to be vegan for 2 weeks, or a day or two, at Ullswater in Lake District, with occasional food by Veggies. Ph:07967 361 510 or email

Sunday 4th - . - Animal Rights Coalition Meeting

8th - 11th - . - Welsh Green Gathering / Gwyl Werdd Cymru - CANCELLED

This year’s Welsh Green Gathering has been cancelled for the second year running - thanks to objections once again from the cops. Last year Dyfed Powys police objected on the grounds that festival land would be contaminated with “human waste, diesel and cannabis.” This year the gathering, in the planning since June last year, was to take place in Margam Country Park, South Wales and all seemed to be going well. Until the Detective Inspector of Port Talbot police stuck his oar in and said he feared serious public disorder so £60,000 to police the crowd of just four thousand had to be coughed up. The Council, fearing a riot, cancelled the booking.

Er, public disorder at a Green Gathering? Maybe if you count people overdosing on lentil flapjacks or being trapped in dozens of deadly dream catchers or perhaps a pack of pedal-powered powder peddlers pelting police with a barrage of crystals. In fact, the event was going to be so riotous members of the Welsh National Assembly were planning to take part in green forums and the Centre For Alternative Technology along with other such axe-wielding maniacs were to busy themselves at the event promoting sustainable living. Not to mention the festival helping to restore the park and converting to solar power the presently disused road-train.

The Welsh Green Gathering is now seriously out of pocket and threatening to sue the Council. Organisers reckon the decision was linked to a yearlong direct action campaign against an incinerator in Swansea. Yesterday the incinerator was given the green light. Green Party spokesman Martin Shrewsbury commented “Port Talbot council are supporting an incinerator to poison us all and cancelling a festival about alternative sustainable energy.” Report and further related comment from Schnews
Details from WGG, P O Box 17, Ammanford, SA18 3WG. Phone 01267 267500 or email.

Thursday 22nd - Monday 26th - . - Northern Green Gathering - Sustain Up North

Over bank holiday weekend at usual site in Yorkshire, with practical, positive and accessible workshops ­ e.g. how to reduce your carbon footprint, low-impact living, sustainable power. Food by Veggies
Write to NGG, 1 Brookfield Road, Leeds, LS6 4EJ; Ph: 0113 224 9885 / 07802 782187 or email
To keep up with news and other green chat join the Green up North online community
For Public Transport enquires in West Yorkshire ring the Metro hotline on 0113 2457676.
Buses from Pontefract to the site entrance at Ackworth plague stone are the 88 and 295. Busses from Leeds and Doncaster are the 410 and 411.
Trains run from Leeds to Pontefract Monkhill. Other trains run to Pontefract, Baghill and Tanshelf.
The site is about a mile from the National Cycle Network and about 3 miles from the Canal Network.
By road the site is on the East off the A628 about 3 miles from Pontefract on the Barnsley road.

Sunday 25th - Protest against Peat Cutting

Peat camp from Wed 28th to Sun 1st, to continue after the end of the NGG and coincide with the Johannesburg "Rio +10" Sustainability summit. There will be a programme of talks & tours of the site from naturalists, archaeologists and activists, and we welcome everyone to come and stay or visit.

Thorne and Hatfield Moors are the largest remaining lowland peat habitats in England. But this is not enough to stop them being ravaged by US multinational Scotts, extracting millions of tons of peat to sell to garden centres and farmers around the country. We want to stop the destruction. Resistance in the area has been increasing throughout 2001, but we're not going to stop until we've saved the moor.

More details at Peat Alert or phone 0778 778 2259 or c/o 0845 458 9595 (Nottingham)

Click here for more pictures

Saturday 31st - . - Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs National Demonstration

Burton-on-Trent, War Memorial, Abbey Street @ Noon . [map]

Today's SNGP National turnout, thankfully, does not illustrate the progress of the campaign so far. Everybody who attended and those sacred regulars who keep the campaign vibrant and constantly in the Halls' faces were all disappointed with the rest of the movement whom often seemed locked in lethargy, given the size of the contact lists people subscribe to. This did not and will never stop over 100 wonderful and animated marchers, despite the laughable propagandising and melodrama of the Burton Mail and the Staffs police. The locals were enthusiastic and were bombarded with information about these guinea pig abusers and the vicious vivisection industry. The march wove around the busy streets of Burton and some passionate speeches by campaigners gave the troops a rest halfway through. We continued back to the War Memorial, Veggies restocked everybody and activists soon departed for the farm and various locations around the area. Harlan also received a timely visit and people were soon rushing around this demented prison. After the 4pm section 14 guillotine was dropped at Death Camp Darley, protesters were also active around the Halls' advocates, leaving the police chasing around in their wake. Yet again today's demonstration indicates that the few who work tirelessly will close down David Hall and Partners- a massive THANK YOU to all those attenders; for Dave Blenkinsop, for the guinea pigs and for animal liberation!


Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs : 01902 564734 / 07814 488173 or email.
(Farm is at Darley Oaks, Newchurch, nr Burton on Trent, Staffordshire [map])


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Sunday 1st - . - Nottingham Green Festival

11am to 6pm on the River Trent Embankment. Featuring many campaign groups, stalls, music and Veggies Food . Admission free! Details: 0115 934 8458.

Saturday 7th - . - Independent Judicial Inquiry Into Vivisection

Mass rally and march of the grass-roots with scientific anti-vivisection speakers.
Noon at the BBC, Portland Place, London W1 for speeches and anti-vivisection representatives to meet the BBC.
March to Trafalgar Square through Central London, for music, food and fun. Leaflet distribution, food and drink in the Square courtesy of Veggies Catering Campaign. Thank you speech to the assembled masses and decent company with mention of our intentions for future campaigning. Then on to music and further festiveness.
More info and updates see for links, forum, sample campaign letter, Judicial Inquiry petition and info. Email or . Also recommended: The Absurdity of Vivisection website

Thurs 12th - . - Rod Coronado

An indigenous perspective on direct action in defence of people, animals and the earth.

Rod Coronado is a Pascua Yaqui Indian from Arizona and has spend the last 18 years fighting to protect animals, the environment and his own people. From sinking whaling ships to defending the old growth forest of the Pacific Northwest, Rod has engaged in militant and uncompromising actions. In 1995 he was imprisioned for a serie of attacks on fur farm and animal laboratories. Recently released, he lives on the Pascua Yaqui reservation in Arizona, USA. In his very inspiring and unique talk, in Nottingham during his tour of Europe, Rod shared his experiences and the knowledge that has been passed to him from his tribal elders, as discuss the link between spirituality and direct action.

Saturday 21st - . - The Big Day Out

A mini-free-festival in the Old Market Square, Nottingham for the The Big Wheel Campaign with entertainments, poetry, live performance, stalls, food by Veggies, etc. marking European Car-Free Day and bringing together bus, train, tram, taxi, cycling and walking.
It’s free to all and programmed with a variety of art, music and entertainment, a fun and colourful day celebrating The Big Wheel Message – encouraging the good folk of Nottingham to get out and about by walking, cycling and using public transport. A mini festival, with stalls and food and things to do for the kids, drumming workshops and DJ’s, Capoeira demonstrations and instillation art, poetry and street performances and a spectacular finale to round off the event.
Contact Anisha on 0115 955 7696 or email
For information on World Car Free Days 'Fifteen Days to End the Auto Age' see Carbusters.

Sat 28th - . - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty National Demo

Noon at Bridge Street, Welwyn Garden City, redirected to mobile locations elsewhere. Food by Veggies Note new new SHAC address : c/o Lynn Sawyer, 6 Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcs WR11 4BP

Sunday 29th - . - 5th National Vegan Festival

Food by Veggies at the National Vegan Festival Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 [nearest tube: Holborn] . [map]
Sponsored by The Vegan Society, Veggies and . Organised by Campaign Against Leather and Fur . Details: 020 8670 9585 or email.


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Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th - . - Rising Tides Gathering

Weekend gathering at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative, for campaigning groups and individuals. Food by Northern Catering Collective & Veggies.
Mark Thomas kickstarts the gathering on the friday night linking climate change, oil, pipelines, corruption, water privatisation and very dodgy politics together in his own unique, punchy style.
The weekend will be a chance to look at the spectrum of climate issues, movement building and action planning. Workshops on carbon trading, why the Kyoto protocol fails, the Baku pipeline, local community campaigning, worldwide impacts of climate change, climate justice, inspiration for taking local action, climate change despair and empowerment, networking, videos, music and more.
For more info on the issues of Global Warming, see Rising Tide website.

Sunday 5th - . - Animal Rights Coalition Meeting
At Veggies’ Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham, for all campaigning groups and individuals.

Saturday 12th - Americal Missiles in Space - Demo at Menwith Hill
Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases, part of an International week of protest called for by the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons and Power in Space. Veggies Food! and travel from Nottingham. For further details: Anni Rainbow and Lindis Percy on 01943 466405 or 01482 702033 or email

Saturday 12th - X-CAPE (Cambridge Against Primate Experiments)

About 300 people attended the X-CAPE demonstration in Cambridge on Saturday.
The day started with a huge banner being lowered from the tower of Gt. St.Mary's Church saying STOP PRIMATE EXPERIMENTS. The church is adjacent to the University Senate House where a PA system relayed speeches far and wide from Joan Court of X-CAPE, Andrew Tyler the Director of Animal Aid, Rev.James Thompson, the animal's padre, and Sue Hughes one of the local campaigners. Protesters and the general public were left in no doubt about the suffering which is already being inflicted on primates in Cambridge University and the possibility of this being repeated should the application for new labs be successful. Following the speeches, protesters surrounded Gt. St. Mary's Church for 10 minutes silence to reflect upon our determination to stop these vile and unscientific experiments on primates. Drummers broke the silence and protesters then marched through Cambridge, pass the University laboratories where we stopped to remember the animals who have suffered and died there, onto to Parkers Piece where our faithful and brilliant caterers, Veggies, were there to quench our appetites.
We must not look back and say we did not do all in our power to prevent the building of these new labs. and protests will continue right up until the Public Inquiry on 26 November. Ring the campaign number and get involved if you don't want this to go ahead. We only have one chance. Bear in mind, building has not yet started; if it does, it is too late. Campaign details here. Contact X-Cape on 01223 311828 or email


Following the animal rights demonstration in Cambridge yesterday by the X-CAPE campaign against the application by the University of Cambridge to build primate research laboratories at 307 Huntingdon Road, about 30 demonstrators converged at the proposed site in Girton.
Some of the demonstrators managed to get into the grounds before police and a helicopter arrived, while others blocked the main A1307 outside the site by staging a sit-in on the road, holding up traffic for some considerable time. One person was arrested. She appeared in Court today and was charged with obstruction and fined over £200 plus costs.
The protesters say they will continue to stage vigorous objections to the building of laboratories where primates will be housed underground and subjected to cruel, unethical and misleading brain experiments.

Wednesday 16th - McDonalds Campaign.

Global day of action to mark World Food Day. Everywhere.
McLibel Support Campaign, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1. 020 7713 1269 or email.
Adopt-YOUR-Store - leaflets £10 / 750 from Veggies, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX. Adopt-A-Store Network: 0845 458 9595 or email

Read the report on the October 2002 protests against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives.

Wednesday 16th - Buffet for Nottingham Inter Faith Council

Nottingham Inter Faith Council builds good relations between people of different faiths and beliefs.
Message received! "Just to let you know that the nosh you provided went down very well - thanks! - Tim"

Friday 18th - Veggies 18th Anniversary!

Friday 18th - Social Centres Network 'national' network meeting

The SCN-Forum list is up and running. This list is not moderated so anyone can post when they want with stuff they feel is/would be of interest to Social Centres, Resource Centres, Infoshops...etc. Everyone currently on this list was at the EF!Summer Gathering meeting about Social Centres called by the LondonSCN, a newly formed network of occupied and legally owned centres in London.

As you will remember the meeting decided to have a nationally [hate that word] focused meeting in London on Friday October 18th. The initial proposal for this meeting from LondonSCN was to have it outside of London at either Kebele in Bristol or the Sumac Centre in Nottingham. Both of these centres, as well as all centres worth working with, run on a non-hierarchical basis so no decision could have been made to organise a meeting there without consulting their respective collectives. Therefore it was decided that since alot of people will be down that weekend for the Anarchist Bookfair that the evening before we will have an informal meeting at the London Action Resource Centre.

If you are going to attend this meeting can you send an email to stating from which city/centre you will be coming from. The agenda for this meeting is for this discussion list to decide upon. Any proposals should be posted onto this list.

LondonSCN were represented at the Anarchist Bookfair by having a meeting in the Grand Hall at Friends Meeting House, 5 minutes up the road from the bookfair. We have made enquiries with some friends in Bologna TPO Social Centre, Italy to invite a speaker. We chose the TPO because it is one of the most well established, Radical, Anarchist and open social centre in Italy. LondonSCN will finance a speaker to come over to speak about Social Centres generally and it's relation to militancy and movement building in Italy. This meeting will last for about 1 hour and a half and will [hopefully] include good things which have come out of the SCN meeting the evening before.

We will also have a stall which we will use to promote the idea of social centres with propaganda and chatting to people. There has been talk of producing either a B & W booklet with articles and a contacts list of Social Centres nationally with a bit of history, theory and practice which we hoped people nationally will help us with. What we asking for is for each centre to write a 200 word piece describing what they do and a contact address, and any upcoming events.

Thanks . LondonSCN

Saturday 19th - 21st Annual Anarchist Book Fayre.

10am - 7pm at the Camden Centre, Judd Street, (off Euston Road), London WC1 (tube: Kings Cross) . [map] . Followed by benefit gig with Chumbawamba and Gertrude. Veggies Food and loads more. Details:020 7242 8032 or email


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Tues 5th - Barry Horne Memorial

Actions to commemorate Barry's death on November 5th 2001

Demo at gates of HLS from 2pm at Woolley Road, 1mile north of A1/A14 Junction [map] . Greet the workers from 4pm to 6pm. Vigil into the night with various actions, entertainments and refreshments planned, with food by Veggies

Saturday 9th - Barry Horne Memorial Demo at Newchurch

Noon at Darley Oaks, (A515) Newchurch, nr Burton on Trent, Staffordshire [map] - take candles . Veggies Food .
A large number of people are expected to join a protest at David Hall and Partners guinea pig farm, where guinea pigs are bred in their thousands for animal experiments. Protesters will be highlighting the violence perpetrated by the vivisection industry, laboratory animal breeders and TSS, the security firm that operate at David Hall and Partners farms. A spokesperson for the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign said "The whole business is run on violence and with immorality that places profit over life. The guinea pigs are kept in squalid conditions at the farm. There is video evidence of dead and half eaten, dying baby guinea pigs littering the cages of the living. The laboratories that these animals are sent to perform tortures beyond rational imagination and the security firm employed by the farm have carried out vicious attacks against lawful protesters on several occasions resulting in hospital treatment but have so far not been prosecuted for any of the assualts."
Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs : 01902 564734 / 07814 488173 or email.

Saturday 16th - . - The Lodge Collective Free Party

Fever DJ's, Dagobah, Syd Arthur Sounds, Highness Shakishka, Big Daddy Sound System.

Sat 23rd - . - Protest against Puppy Farming

At Eastwood, Notts. Details from Prevent Unwanted Pets: 0115 923 4555
For PUP recommendations to avoid vested interests allowing licencing of bad breeders see PUP website.

Sat 23rd - . - 'Alice in Munterland'

Tuesday 26th - . - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs

Meeting for people interested in getting involved with sabbing. 8pm at the Sumac Centre. Please spread the word - tell yer mates!
Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs : email.
"There is no justice, just us."

Thursday 28th - postponed til New Year - Eco-Resource Centre Planning Meeting.

The Sumac Centre has space for a new eco-building to provide resources for the area.
It is to replace the buildings below.

How would you like it to look?
How would you like it to be powered?
What facilities do you want it to provide?
Do you have experience designing enviromentaly sustainable buildings?
What projects would you like to be based there?
Do you have experience Fundraising?
Please bring your ideas!
If wish to get involved, please send a message to Jasmine, who seeks your help and support with this project

Saturday 30th - . - One World Christmas Fair

YMCA, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham (ground floor). 10am - 4pm. Free.
If you're looking for inspiration for presents, look no further than the One World Fair, where you'll find a selection of crafts, gifts and foodstuffs from around the world, along with charity Christmas cards. Even if you just need a rest from the crowds, call in and enjoy a free cup of Fairtrade coffee.
Organised by the International Development Forum, the event features stalls from Oxfam, Traidcraft, Central American Solidarity and many other Forum members along with displays, entertainment, world music and Food By Veggies. More details from 0115 934 8458.

Your chance to mark Buy Nothing Day, the Anti-consumerism campaign, by stocking up only on essential supplies, from ethicla and fair trade suppliers! (Info from: Enough: 0161 226 6668 or email. and Adbusters)


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Sunday 1st - . - Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 . 10am to 5pm . Stalls, vegan catering, celebrity auction , Tea and cakes by Ronny and Veggies!.
Animal Aid:01732 364546 or email

Ronny Says:
"Christmas Without Cruelty is an annual shopping extravananza where people can buy all sorts of vegan prezzies under one roof! It also gives campaigning groups and sanctuaries a chance to get their message across and attract donations and helpers with their stalls and displays. We provided a selection of cakes, along with hot and cold drinks, from the upstairs bar area. The entire day was hectic and despite having a record number of cakes, we sold out by 3.45pm!

Feedback was very favourable and it was re-assuring how many customers were double checking what was vegan and reacting with amazement when told that everything was. This indicates that there were a lot of people at the event who are new to veganism, or who are not active campaigners. There were also quite a few helpers at the event who had not worked with Veggies before and they coped admirably with the queues.

We raised loads of money for good causes and will be doing the same next year - hopefully with even more cakes!"

From Animal Aid's Outrage magazine: '... we received many compliments again on the delicious provided food by Leon Lewis and Cavanagh's, plus the fantastic vegan cakes and snacks supplied by Ronny and Veggies.'

Thursday 5th - . - Protest for Primates

at HLS gates and at Girton, Cambridge where, (subject to current planning enquiry appeal), monkeys would be housed underground and subjected to cruel, invasive brain experiments.

Friday 6th - . - East Midlands Vegan Christmas Dinner

7.30pm at Good For You, Firs Parade, Matlock.

Saturday 7th - . - Manchester Radical Bookfair

3rd Manchester Radical Bookfair at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative, Bridge 5 Mill, 22A Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR. Food by Veggies.
For more info write to: Manchester Radical Bookfair, c/o PO Box 29, South West PDO, Manchester, M15 5HW or email

At the last event there were stalls by AK Press and Distribution, Northern Herald Books, IMPress, Repressed Distribution, Class War, Cunningham Amendment, Eve's Back , Green Anarchist, Networking Newsletter, Anarchist Federation, Earth First, Land and Liberty, Northern Anarchist Network, Lancashire Solidarity Federation, Manchester Solidarity Federation, Total Liberty, Erroll McGowan Campaign, Anarchist Arguments, TIRE (Telford Institutional Racist Exposure) and Radical Routes.

Also Veggies Food at Demo for Independent Judicial Inquiry Into Vivisection at BBC Television Studios, Wood Lane, London W12, to protest against the BBC's continued appalling collusion with the "vivisection industry".
See for links, forum, sample campaign letter, Judicial Inquiry petition and info. Phone Cat: 07971 462813 or email . See also The Absurdity of Vivisection website.

And at Clarion Cabaret at The Place resource centre in Sherwood.

And at P.O.P.E. benefit gig for Sumac Centre at the Palm Tree, with Mafia Versus Ninja, Evil Macaroni and Dummy Run

Sun 8th - . - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty National Demo

"Around 200 campaigners gathered in Cambridge City Centre on Sunday the 8th of December to protest against the existence of HLS and to warn Cambridgeshire that if the primate lab is built at Girton the disruption in the area will increase dramatically.
Police arrived to try and stop the demo so off people charged though the city centre and out onto Huntingdon Road where the lab will be built if it gets the go ahead.
Police soon arrived in droves to put an end to the procession but at that point the only purpose they served was to clog things up even more and create an even bigger spectacle.
A total of 19 arrests were made (the Girton lab will join HLS as a huge drain on local resources if it gets the go ahead because people are prepared to take direct action and risk arrest to stop it being built) and people left the scene to carry on the demo at HLS or outside the homes of HLS workers.
People gathered at the main gates of HLS to tell them what sickos they are whilst others visited employees in their homes at Ramsey, Godmanchester, Letchworth and other locations."
Demo report from SHAC Archives

Tuesday 10th - . - Harlan Laboratories

We aim to support Loughborough Animal Concern in their campaign against breeding of beagles and other animals for use in cruel and unreliable 'research', joining their picket of Harlan Laboratories in Leicestershire each week. We leave Sumac Centre at 2.45pm, returning at 6pm (but phone 0845 458 9595 to confirm); or go yourself direct to the 'Gates of Hell', 3.30pm - 5.30pm at Dodgeford Lane, Belton, Leicestershire . [map]

Sun 15th - . - Animal Rights Coalition

Report from December meeting. hosted by Veggies at Nottingham's Sumac Centre.

Mon 16th - . - Mid-Winter-Fest

Sumac Centre Xmas Bash

Saturday 21st - . - Forest Lodge Collective

Mega Solstice Full Moon Free Party . Details: 07984 092829 or 07736 833942 or email Forest Lodge Collectve

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