Grand Boulevard

(Nagykörút-Ferenc körút, József körút, Erzsébet körút, Teréz körút, Szent István körút)

A thousand years ago Pest, which was just an island in the Danube, was surrounded by a branch of the river. Over the centuries, the riverbed slowly dried up, leaving a small ditch occasionally filled with drain water in the empty land around the old city walls. Late last century an idea was floated to turn the ditch into a channel with bridges at each avenue and ornamental parks on each side. This plan was finally abandoned, the ditch was filled in and the Grand Boulevard was build, bordered by huge apartment houses and public institutions built predominantly in the most preferred style of the époque: Eclecticism. Budapest's Western Railway Station - recently beautifully refurbished - was also built here with its façade facing the Grand Boulevard.

     Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar)


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