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Greek entry is in crisis. According to Star Channel, ERT is not working in the preparations of the songs and does not monitoring the situation since everything is assigned to Sony Music. The latest news from Greece are that Christos Dantis told today to Sony (according to Star Channel) that he cannot prepare more than two songs for Helena, although it was supposed to be four songs for the preselection. ERT's preselection is thus in crisis since there are no more songs from other composers available in such a short notice although ERT's Mr. Chouliaras promised an open call to Greek composers to submit songs.


Meanwhile it is revealed that Alexandra Paschalidou was not invited to Elias Psinakis (Sakis's manager) party last Sunday and that (according to Star Channel again) she went there to impress the media by her warm meeting with Mrs. Bokota something which is commented very negatively in Greece. The game of the press is not looking promising for Mrs. Paschalidou in Greece and thus she tries anything. Mrs. Paschalidou went to the party with Helena Paparizou who was invited. Elias Psinakis says in Men's Magazine: Daphne is out because of political games. It was the worst mistake to take away Eurovision from her and giving it to someone who will need 15 years to learn how eurovision works!


Greek media mention that Franz Ferdinand (sourced: BBC) revealed that they turned down the ERT offer last September because they were asked to revise a known Greek folklore song, something that is not allowed by EBU. This is the same thing that happened in 1982 with Themis Adamantidis which led to disqualification of Greece with a financial penalty which Greek tax payers still pay!



Tassos Trifonos, promotion manager of the Cypriot entry, said to oikotimes.com: "There wasn't any comment from CyBC over the song and they haven't asked any changes. Constantinos will make some changes on his own as it always happened after the selections in order to finalised the version of Ela Ela (Come baby)."



The Lebanese song seems to be ready. Despite the information reaching us saying that the song will be partially in Arabic and partially in French, TL seems to want the Eurovision 2005 entry either in English or in French. The song will be ready the next days and TL will give the final approval for the Eurovision entry which will represent the country for the first time in the contest.


05.02.05 - Exclusive: Anastasia's studio version available on oikotimes.com
05.02.05 - Maltese hosts for the final: Clare, Moira and John
05.02.05 - Estonia decides tonight; Lithuania and Latvia hold semifinals
05.02.05 - BBC announces the five participants; Gina G again for Eurovision!
05.02.05 - Belgium to present two songs in March for the Eurovision preselection
04.02.05 - Dutch and Swedish news
04.02.05 - BBC to announce the participants of MUMY 2005 tonight
04.02.05 - Monaco prepared its song with the help of the philarmonic orchestra
04.02.05 - Russian and Finnish semifinals tonight
03.02.05 - Spanish broadcaster TVE announces changes: Only one show as final


03.02.05 - Belgium received 874 songs for Eurokids 2005 selection
28.01.05 - María Isabel is preparing for an international career
15.01.05 - Belgian preselection to consist of songs in all three languages
14.01.05 - Junior Eurovision 2005 is seeking expansion: Five more countries interested
06.01.05 - News from Dino and Cory Spedding of Junior Eurovision
01.01.05 - Dutch Junior selection final set for September 24
31.12.04 - Norwegian Junior selection set for May 28 2005
20.12.04 - Tom Morley interviewed and comments Noni Ene in Junior Eurovision
19.12.04 - How some Juniors go to the European charts after Junior Eurovision
17.12.04 - Fifth week for María Isabel in the Spanish charts


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