Pulse Report: Game's Crib Gets Hit, Remy Ma & Foxy Brown Catfight, Shyne Wants Outta Def Jam, & Jay-Z Blasts R. Kelly

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Pulse Report: Game's Crib Gets Hit, Remy Ma & Foxy Brown Catfight, Shyne Wants Outta Def Jam, & Jay-Z Blasts R. Kelly
Friday - January 28, 2005
by Carl Chery
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In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about The Game's crib getting shot up, Foxy Brown and Remy Ma dukin' it out, Shyne wanting off Def Jam, Jay-Z dissing R.Kelly and Lauryn Hill hooking up with Kanye.

1.The Game's house gets hot up. Only days after grabbing Billboard's #1 spot, insiders revealed to SOHH.com that Game's Compton home was recently shot up in a blaze of gunsmoke. The G-Unit superstar owns a mini-compound in the gang-ravaged neighborhood, consisting of six adjacent homes where he and his people reside. The attack took place while Game was out of town. In concern for his safety, Interscope Records, G-Unit and Aftermath Records' parent company, has suspended upcoming promotional dates.


Some heads are warning that the Dr. Dre protege could be the next Hip-Hop tragedy -- an opinion Game even acknowledges on The Documentary's "Runnin." Over Hi-Tek's soulful instrumental, Jayceon Taylor details, "I'm in the studio laughing at Chris Rock/ Then I turn on MTV and see Soulja Slim shot/ And ni99as try to gun me down in the rim shop/ Cause I just want the same recognition that The Crips got/ They say I'm next in line and if I get shot/ Then I go out as the Bobby Fisher of Hip-Hop."

In the midst of a triumphant debut, word is also circling that he and his entourage were involved in an altercation with Washington D.C. radio personality Xzulu just last week. While details are still sketchy, Xzulu was sent to the hospital and sources say there's an ongoing investigation in the matter.

2.Foxy Brown and Remy Ma face off. Rumors are spreading that Remy stepped to Foxy inside Island Def Jam/Universal's offices earlier this week. The Terror Squadian apparently made Fox lean back when she punched her in the face rehashing a past feud between the two femcees. Though Fox was with security at the time, word is her bodyguards didn't intervene, but did help her to the elevator and took her outside.

3.Shyne wants out of Def Jam. According to reports, Shyne wants to sever ties with Island Def Jam ASAP. Industry insiders are talking about a visit Jay-Z recently paid to Po to resolve matters between the company and Shyne. Shyne expressed anger with the label's lack of promotion and marketing of his Godfather Buried Alive album.

Recently, Shyne asserted that he only joined Def Jam because Antonio "L.A" Reid assured his project would be given top priority. Shyne is now blasting Reid and telling people that the mogul doesn't care about Hip-Hop and is only concerned with R&B. Several weeks after Godfather's release, a court imposed New York's "Son Of Sam" Law, which prohibits any convicted felons from cashing in from their crimes. Sources say, the court has temporarily stopped Universal from handing any money to Shyne. In a handwritten letter dated January 25 obtained by the New York Post, Shyne wrote, "Unfortunately this partnership is not working . . . Please prove Russell Simmons wrong. Show that you are concerned about this culture and more important, the prophet that sits in a cage, Shyne!" A source close to Reid said that he has yet to read the letter.

4. Hov gets at Kells. Just when the Jay-Z/R.Kelly fiasco seemed to have died down, Jiggaman recently took shots at Kelly on a recently leaked remix of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot." On the cut, Hov makes references to Kelly's $75 million sabotage lawsuit and taunts R. with lines like, "It's Jizz-ay, homey, you got pizz-ayed/ Take it like a man, the flow ran you off the stizz-age/ Wasting your time trying to sue S. Dot/ Tell your lawyer to take the civil case and drop it like it's hot." There's no word yet on whether the track will officially be released.

5. Kanye West and Lauryn Hill team up again. Though Lauryn Hill didn't clear "The Misery Of Inequity" sample for Kanye West's "All Falls Down" roughly a year ago, the streets are now buzzing about the two's reported collaboration. After remaining secluded from the industry for the last few years, Hill surfaced on stage alongside Fugee members Wyclef Jean and Pras at Dave Chappelle's Block Party last August. Stories persist regarding a Fugees reunion, but for now Hill is hard at work on her official sophomore set. Sources say Lauryn and Kanye have already teamed up for two cuts. There's still no word on whether the efforts will make the final album's cut.

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