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The purpose of my online research portfolio is to display my work as I go through the research process.  My research is on the topic of gender equity in education, and I hope to show improvements that have been made in gender equity, as well as ways in which the school systems still need to improve.  The portfolio reveals my proficiency in researching and gathering information, reviewing sources and data, and presenting my work.  Samples of my work proves my capability to use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, productivity, and publication.

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This online research portfolio was created as a partial requirement for Using Information Effectively in Education (ISTC 202)


Tricia Ryan, Instructor


My research paper looks into the issue of gender equity in education.  Over the years, many improvements have been made in education to ensure that males and females have equal opportunities.  Research finds that women fall behind men in areas such as math, science, and technology, while men are behind in reading and writing.  Despite a closing of this gap, differences still exist in the education of males and females.  

Research Paper

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