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JR Capital provides diversified venture capital and management consulting services.


Brief History

§    Organized in 1967 by John Roberts and Joel Rosenman, JR Capital (JRC) has served a wide variety of clients in almost every sector.

§    JRC draws expertise and capital from three pools:

§     World-renowned experts

§     Seasoned managers

§     Sophisticated investors



§     Manufacturing                                                           §     Publishing

§     Entertainment                                                         §     High Tech

§     Import/Export                                                          §     Retailing

§     Health                                                                      §     Distribution & Logistics



§     Startups                                                                     §     Negotiation

§     Management                                                            §     Restructuring

§     Mergers and Acquisitions                                     §     Capital


Representative Projects

§     Startup: Founded, financed, managed Mediasound Studios ($2,000,000), 1968.  Audio recording studios complex, New York NY.

§     Startup: Conceived, produced, financed Woodstock Rock Festival ($3,000,000), 1969; Executive Producer: Woodstock 1994, Woodstock 1999.

§     M&A: Acquired, with management, CPS Industries from Arcata Industries ($40,000,000), 1985.  Manufacturer of Gift wrapping and other paper goods.

§     M&A: Acquired, with management, TSC Industries from Fuqua Industries ($25,000,000), 1987.  Hardware and farm supply retail chain.

§     M&A: Advised and negotiated acquisition of Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort from Vail Associates, 1997.

§     M&A: Sale of Carlton Stuart Corp. to United Technologies ($35,000,000), 1998.

§     Management: CEO Carleton Stuart Corp. (Sales: $160,000,000) 1997.  Distributor of HVAC equipment.

§     Management consulting: American Historical Publications, 1997.  Publisher of Military History Quarterly and other publications.

§     Management: President, Carrier Enterprises division of Carrier Corp. (Sales: >$1,000,000,000), 1999.  Distributor of Carrier HVAC equipment.

§     Management consulting: S3 Technologies 1999.  Mechanical engineering R&D company in automotive field.

§     Management consulting: Daybreak Films, 2001. Independent film production and distribution.

§     Management consulting, negotiation: Distributor Enterprise Group, 2003. Consolidator of independent HVAC distributors.

§     Management consulting:  Med’ica, 2003.  Developer of spa chain in luxury resort hotels.

§     Management consulting:  Lance Entertainment, 2003.  DVD movie distributor.

§     Management consulting:  Art Exchange, 2003.  Entertainment and arts venue developer.

§     Private placement: idealab! ($12,000,000), 2000.  Hi-tech incubator.

§     Private placement, structured finance, management consulting: Components, Ltd., 2002.  Manufacturer and importer of private label menswear.



§     Joel Rosenman

§     Yau Cheng

§     Deborah Miller

§     George Saunders

§     Daniel Frisch




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