Hail there and welcome! This website is dedicated to my many characters and stories, and my thoughts and interest in other furries' expressions through their artwork, stories, movies and more. I hope you find what I present entertaining, and hope even more for a chance to roleplay one of my many characters with you should you feel so inclined.

Roleplaying is the origin of most of my characters, though some stories (such as "Flight of the Eagle") occur to me on their own. I have roleplayed in a variety of formats, but I created nearly all of my furry characters on various MU*s -- MUSHes, MUCKs, MOOs, etc. Originally, I was going to focus this website on my characters' roleplayed experiences, but I have decided to change the site to focus more on the dreams and stories of those characters I am developing and would like to share.

I have probably some 50-60 characters, the most well-known of which are probably Ironhoof the lesbian mare, Fortivirago the massive warrior mare and Klondike the travelling wolf from afar. I have chosen 'Chibiabos' as a fursona to represent myself because I created him originally as an out-of-story character to chat with other furs and do various out-of-story things. I created the fursona originally as my administrator account on Thunder Trails MUSH and have since spread my use of it. In "real life," Chibiabos was a wolf who served as the Algonquin (Native American) lord of the spirit realm.

Anyhow, without further ado, please proceed to my list of realms to explore and enjoy. :)

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