MINIFIGS - The World of Greyhawk for AD&D

None of these miniatures are available for sale. They are listed solely for reference, to assist gamers who want to know "What else was there?"

If you are interested in the history and the broad selection of miniature figures that have been produced over the years, you should check out Tom Pope's Miniatures Reference. Tom, with a group of contributors (myself included) is hoping to build a comprehensive online miniatures reference.

Check out the results to date at "The Stuff of Legends".

MINIFIGS - The World of Greyhawk for AD&D

WoG-01  Amazon Infantry (6) Swords and Flails
WoG-02  Amazon Infantry (6) Axes, Spears, Bow, Polearm
WoG-03  Amazon Cavalry (3) Spears, Bow

WoG-04  Amazon Cavalry (3) Swords, Axe
WoG-05  Beserker Mercenaries (6) Swords, Spears, Javelins.
WoG-06  Hireling Men-at-Arms (6) Axes, Spears, Bows.

WoG-07  Men-at-Arms of the Watch (6) Axes, Spears, Bows
WoG-08  Infantry of the Guilds (6) Spears, Crossbows
WoG-09  Cavemen (6) Spears, Clubs

WoG-10  Valley Elf Infantry (6) Axes, Swords
WoG-11  Valley Elf Infantry (6) Bows, Spears
WoG-12  Valley Elf King & Guards (6) Pole-arms

WoG-13  Valley Elf Cavalry (2) Lances
WoG-14  Valley Elf Cavalry (2) Sword, Bow
WoG-15  Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Sword, Axe

WoG-16  Knights on Foot (6) Swords, Axes, Pole-arms
WoG-17  Freeholder Infanctry (6) Spears, Bows
WoG-18  The Steadfast Pike (6) Pikes

WoG-19  Free City Foot (6) Spears, Swords, Bows
WoG-20  Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (6) Swords, Spears
WoG-21  Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (6) assorted weapons.

WoG-22  Goblin Infantry (6) Swords, Axes
WoG-23  Goblin Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows, Hand Catapults
WoG-24  Goblin Chieftain & Guards (6) Spears, Pole-arms

WoG-25  Human Forest Warriors (6) Swords, Axes, Spear, Pole-arm
WoG-26  Human Forest Warriors (6) Bows, Crossbows, Slings
WoG-27  Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Axe, Sword

WoG-28  Heavy Missile Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows
WoG-29  Light Missile Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows, Slings
WoG-30  Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Mace, Sword

WoG-31  Knights on Foot (6) Swords, Axes, Pole-arms
WoG-32  Freeholder Infantry (6) Spears, Bows
WoG-33  Exquire (Medium) Horse (3) Lance, Sword, Axe

WoG-34  Brethren Foot Guards (4) Spears
WoG-35  Hierarch, Headsman, Amazon Captive on Torture Stake

WoG-36  Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (6) Swords, Bows
WoG-37  Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (6) Axes, Spears
WoG-38  Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (3) Spears
WoG-39  Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (3) Spears, Scything Axe

WoG-40  Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Mace, Sword
WoG-41  Brigand Infantry (6) Swords, Spears, Bows
WoG-42  Halfling Fighters (6) Swords, Axes, Spear, Bow

WoG-43  Wandering Adventurers
        - Magic User, Cleric, Bard, Halfling Thief

WoG-44  Heroic Mercenary Foot (5) Axes, Spear, Bow
WoG-45  Heroic Mercenary Foot (5) Swords

WoG-46  Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Swords
WoG-47  Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Short Sword, Spear
WoG-48  Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Morning Star, Bow

WoG-49  Elite Death-Guard Cavalry (2) Lances

WoG-50  Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (2) Lances
WoG-51  Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (2) Axe, Sword
WoG-52  Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (6) Spears, Axe, Blow-pipe
WoG-53  Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (6) Pole-arms, Swords

WoG-54  Wyvern (1)

WoG-55  Harginn Elemental Grue - Elemental of Plain of Fire

WoG-56  Iuz Enthroned & Evil Halflings (4)
        - evil demi-god & minions.

WoG-57  Dragonnel & Lancer (1)
WoG-58  Dragonnel & Archer (1)
WoG-59  Dragonnel & Pole-Axeman (1)

WoG-60  Magnus Dragonnel (1)
WoG-61  Dragonnettes (2)
WoG-62  Giant Spider, Rat, Beetle

WoG-63  Flying Dinosaur, Armored Dinosaur
WoG-64  Aquatic Dragonnel (1)
WoG-65  Monster Stoppers: Catapult and Dart Thrower

WoG-66  Unicorn, Beasts and Hounds
WoG-67  Elite Death Guard Cavalry, Axe, Sword
WoG-68  Orcs, Sword, Pole-arms, Bows

WoG-69  Gnolls, Swords, Pole-arms, Bows
WoG-70  Half-Orcs, various weapons
WoG-71  Mounted Men-at-Arms of the Watch

WoG-72  Rovers of the Barrens

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