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THE FRAY, NEW 5 track EP, in stores November 1 (avaliable through MGM) ________________________'Kick Me In The Head' and 'Suda' hit TripleJ, following the links on our front page and request THE FRAY!




The Fray EP
(nov 2004)

Track Listing
1. always away
2. suda
3. kick me in the head
4. my best friend (live)
5. when you're the best don't think you're going to meet fairies (acoustic)



My Best Friend/Thousand Pound
Tour Edition EP
(nov 2003)

Track Listing
1. pay t.v (demo vesion)
2. thousand pound
3. my best friend
4. all i know (acoustic)



My Best Friend/Thousand Pound single
(aug 2003)

Track Listing
1. thousand pound
2. my best friend
3. all i know (acoustic)
*out of print


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