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Thomas Paine

It is a contradiction in terms to call anything a revelation that comes to us second hand, either verbally or in writing. Revelation is necessarily limited to the first communication-after that it is only an account of what the first person says was revealed to him; and though he may find himself obliged to believe it, it cannot be incumbent upon me to believe it in the same way; for it was not a revelation made to me and I have only his word that it was made to him.

When Moses told the children of Israel that he had received two tables from the hands of God, they were not obliged to believe him, because they had no other authority for it than his telling them so; and I have no other authority for it than some historian telling me so. However, the declaration that God visits the sins of the father upon the children; is contrary to every principle of moral justice.

When I am told that the Koran was written in Heaven and brought to Mohammed by an angel, the account comes with the same kind of hearsay evidence and second hand authority as the former. I did not see the angel myself and, therefore, I have a right not to believe it. When I am also told that a woman called the Virgin Mary said, or gave out, that she was with child without any cohabitation with a man, and that her betrothed husband, Joseph, said that an angel told him so-in a dream-I have the right to believe them or not to believe them because such circumstance requires much stronger evidence than just their bare word for it; but we don’t even have that-for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote and such thing themselves; it is only reported by others that they said so- it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief upon such evidence.

It is, however, not difficult to account for the credit that was given to the story of Jesus Christ being the Son of God. He was born when the heathen mythology still had some repute in the world, and that mythology prepared the people for a belief of such a story. Almost all the extraordinary men that lived under the heathen mythology were reputed to the sons of some of their gods. It was not a new thing, at that time, to believe that a man had been celestially begotten; the intercourse of gods with women was a matter of familiar opinion. Jupiter, according to their account, had cohabited with hundreds; therefore the story had nothing in it either new, wonderful or obscene.

Sun Gods

By Green Ingersol

The first organized ceremonial religion was the worship of the sun. The sun was the “Sky Father” the “All seeing” source of life-the fireside of the world. The sun was regarded as a god who fought the darkness, the power of evil, the enemy of man.

There have been many sun gods, and they seem to have been the chief deities of the ancient religions. They have been worshipped in many lands-by many nations that have passed to death and dust.

Apollo was a sun god and he fought and conquered the serpent of night. Baldur was a sun god. He was in love with the Dawn-a maiden. Krishna was a sun god. At his birth the Ganges was thrilled from its source to the sea, and all the trees, the dead as well as the living, burst into leaf and bud and flower. Hercules was a sun god and so was Samson whose strength was in his hair-that is to say his beams. Delilah, the shadow of darkness, sheared him of his strength. Osiris, Bacchus, Mithra, Hermes, Buddha and Quetzaloal, Prometheus, Zoroaster, and Perseus, Leo tsze, Fo hi, Horus and Ramses were all sun gods.

All of these gods had gods for fathers and their mothers were virgins. Stars celebrated by celestial music announced the births of nearly all and voices declared that a blessing had come to this poor world. All of these gods were born in humble places –in cave, under trees, in common inns and tyrants sought to kill them all when they were babes. All these sun gods were born at the Winter Solstice at Christmas. Nearly all were worshipped by “wise men “. All of them fasted for forty days, all of them taught in parables-all of them wrought miracles-all met with a violent death and all rose from the dead.

The history of these gods is the same history of Christ.

The cross was a symbol thousands of years before our era. It was a symbol of life, of immortality of the god Agni and it was chisled upon the tombs many ages before a line of our Bible was written. Baptism is far older than Christianity-than Judaism. The Hindus. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had Holy water before a Catholic lived. The Eucharist was borrowed from the Pagans; Ceres, the goddess of the field-Bacchus of the vine. At harvest festival they made cakes of wheat and said, “This is the flesh of the goddess”. They drank wine and cried, “This is the blood of our god.”

The Egyptians had a Trinity. They worshipped Osiris, Isis and Horus thousands of years before The Father, Son and Holy Ghost were known.

The Tree of Life grew in India, in China and among the Aztecs long before the Garden of Eden was planted.

Long before the Bible was known other nations had their sacred books. The dogma of the Fall of Man, The Atonement and Salvation by Faith are older than our religion.

In our blessed gospel-in our Divine scheme there is nothing new-nothing original. All is old-all borrowed, pieced and patched.


By unknown Author

In the beginning God created man and all the animals from the dust of the ground by divine magic. Then God created woman from the man’s rib and their children were created by fornication through a divine process that would later be known as DNA. The animals began humping each other all over the globe, which continued the propagation of each species and God saw that was good. Once the Lord realized that His ingenious bits of self-perpetuating matter would keep the world running, He packed up His bags and left.


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