WeatherBug is a system tray icon that offers weather information and includes built-in ads. WeatherBug is controlled by AWS Convergence Technologies (

There is some controversy over whether WeatherBug should be targeted by anti-parasite software. AWS strongly deny their software is ‘spyware’, and by the definition used here, it is not, as it does not leak information back to its controlling servers.

However, WeatherBug has in the past been silently installed by the FavoriteMan parasite and screensavers, and more recently has been bundled by software such as AIM and Blubster. This makes it ‘unsolicited’, and since it is installed to raise money for its creators through the built-in ads it is certainly ‘commercial’. So it does meet the definition for ‘parasite’: unsolicited commercial software. It is nonetheless listed as a borderline case because it is not overtly harmful and many people do install it deliberately.

WeatherBug also itself bundles the MySearch parasite in its standalone distribution, and has in the past installed Gator and SVAPlayer.

What it does


Only the built-in adverts, when the application itself is running.

Privacy violation


Security issues

None known.

Stability problems

None known.


WeatherBug should be removable using the entry in the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs list, ignoring its risible claim that its weather information could be ‘life-saving’.

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