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This site is dedicated to the memories of all of the living and deceased victims of the Zodiac killer and to their long-suffering families, whose painful ordeals I hope to help bring to an end one day very soon. In trying to reach out to one of these families in 2001, I learned just how deep and raw the anguish and frustration that they still feel truly is. That frustration is born of not only their loss but of the false hope that they have been given by countless people over the past thirty-five years, who have promised them the truth but who have ultimately disappointed them. The stinging and painful rejection that I felt in 2001 served to strengthen, not weaken, my resolve to keep moving forward in the hope that one day, I might change their minds about my evidence. My site is also dedicated to all of those people (including detectives, reporters and just plain "average citizens", like me) whose lives have been forever changed just by their involvement in this case.

When I first got seriously interested in the Zodiac case in 1998, my motives were, admittedly, strictly personal and largely financial. I wondered what would happen if (by some complete miracle, because that's what I truly felt it would take) I happened to solve the case: Would there be a book deal, a movie deal, maybe both? Lest you judge me too harshly for this fact, please understand that the Zodiac case was at that time just an unsolved mystery in a book, the victims no more than a group of two-dimensional black and white photos on several web sites. But a funny thing happened along the way. By constant and intense study of the crimes, I felt that I somehow got to "know" the victims of the Zodiac killer on a very profound and personal level. I grew extremely angry that this man killed at least five completely innocent people for no reason other than to fulfill his own incredibly twisted goals of control, flaunting his huge ego, taunting the police and attention-seeking. I also became convinced that I had somehow stumbled onto the most precious of commodities in the Zodiac case: the truth. I have since learned the humbling lesson that a search for the truth, whatever it may be, has its own momentum and that the truth takes precedence over any personal ambition a researcher may have. A quest for the absolute truth about the Zodiac case now propels me inexorably forward, despite the many barriers, incredible frustrations, possible intrigue and huge stumbling blocks that I have encountered along the way.

Whoever the Zodiac killer was, it is my hope that the information that I will disseminate on this web site, much of which is brand new and known to only my family members, a handful of my closest friends and several associates, will lead to his identification and capture sooner rather than later. I also hope that that all of us who have been caught up in the hopelessly sticky web that is the Zodiac case, including both those who turn out to be proven right, as well as those who are proven to have been pursuing a phantom (as I may well be), will one day soon be able to get on with our lives without the specter of the Zodiac killer looming over us. I do not want to experience any more sleepless nights, nor to have my thoughts randomly hijacked on a daily basis by this admittedly fascinating, captivating and irresistible case. It is by revealing some of the information that I now have in my possession that I hope to end the Zodiac's grip on my own life, which started on a summer's day nearly six years ago...

As for the financial gain that I had hoped to realize all those years ago, let me state for the record that since 1998, while pumping literally thousands of dollars of my own money into my research, I have earned exactly zero dollars for my efforts. But then that is as it should be: The Zodiac case is first and foremost a search for the answers to some of the most difficult questions ever posed to detectives, be they police detectives or amateurs like myself. The rewards that I have received from my six years of work on the case are much different from the ones I had originally sought from it. They are: strong friendships with some wonderful people, incredible life experiences and the gift of being able to glimpse a story that almost defies words. This story lay dormant for some thirty years just beneath the surface of the most fascinating serial killer case in history.

I do not know if I have discovered the ultimate truth about the Zodiac case. However, I do know that through my efforts, I have recently uncovered facts that need to be brought forward into the public domain. These facts can, I believe, begin to move the Zodiac case towards a conclusion, no matter where that conclusion lies. I have learned important things since last fall that make me believe very strongly that the solution to the Zodiac case does not lie in the tale presented in the book Zodiac Unmasked by author Robert Graysmith. I intend this site to be a clearinghouse for the facts that I have uncovered, which I will release over a period of time beginning now.

As you read this site, I want to inform you that the man that I refer to herein as "Mr. X" is a wealthy "person of interest" that I have been looking at since June 1999 as possibly being involved in the Zodiac case. 




| 100404 SUMMARY |


Mike Rodelli

May 2004

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