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Cilian is a WinBoard-compatible chess engine.
You can download Cilian v4.14 (70Kb) for WinXX as a freeware.
You can download Cilian v4.14 (70Kb) for linux as a freeware.
You can download the sources v4.14 (86Kb), a password is needed.
Dann Corbit made a faster recompile of Cilianf v4.13 (or Cilianf v4.13).
See the results of Dann's Big Contest, a tourney with the famoust amateur engines; Cilian ranked 28th on a total of 48 competitors.
See the statistics of Cilian on the Free Internet Chess Server at freechess.org.
Two other engines written by two buddies: Fortress / Chessterfield.

Some computer-chess links:

  • www.quarkchess.de/html/ciliandetail.html for a complete site
  • gambitsoft.com/ for a BIG site
  • www.amateurschach.de/schach/engines.htm the impressive site of Frank Quisinsky
  • www.computerschach.de/freeware/free.htm the pages of the famous Prof. Dr. Vidanovic
  • www.geocities.com/winboardajelibre/ the chess pages of Julio Gonzalez (in Spanish, use babelfish to translate)

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    François Scheurer
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    Altenhofstrasse 45
    CH-8008 Zürich

    milin-dot-mobile-at-gsm-dot-diax-dot-ch (mobile phone)


  • Lebenslauf
  • curriculum vitae
  • Diplomszeugnis
  • Arbeitszeugnis Berchtold
  • Arbeitszeugnis Procova
  • Multi-Agent Planning using Model Checking Techniques (Diplomarbeit bei der Firma COMEXAR Engineering AG) / Sourcen / BED-Paket
  • Computer Chess - CILIAN - a MT based searcher (1. Semesterarbeit) / Vortrag / Sourcen
  • Randintegralgleichungsmethoden für 3-D Wirbelstromprobleme (2. Semesterarbeit) / Vortrag / Sourcen
  • Neuronale Netzwerke als Hilfsmittel, um Problemen im Physik- und Chemiebereich zu lösen. (kurzer Vortrag)
  • Genetische Algorithmen bei Simulationen von Proteinsfaltungen (kurzer Vortrag)
  • Generatoren von Pseudozufallszahlen (kurzer Vortrag)

  • Misc

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