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Pokéspecial TK---News And Updates

Battle Frontier to appear in Pokespecial! -- Posted by Ketsuban on Tuesday, February 1 2005

According to this page, the monthly news popup at the official Netkun Pokemon Special website, a new Pokespecial arc is to begin running in the Shogakukan Second Grader magazine. It will follow a new hero travelling through the Battle Frontier. Latios and Latias will be featured in this storyline, as will the seven lead Battle Frontier trainers. Also said is that this new trainer, unlike the previous Pokespecial heroes and heroines, is going to be quite outrageous (or possibly "offensive"?).

The Shogakukan Grade-Schooler magazines can be found at a number of Japanese book import stores. If you have access to them, make sure to pick this up!

Update: According to this page, the new character is indeed named Emerald!

Site (partially) back -- Posted by Purin on Saturday, January 15 2005

Welcome back! Sorry about the long wait. There are still some things that need to be fixed, so only the website and the forums are ok right now.

Here's what to expect once everything is fixed.

Leo's Edit : book 18 is coming out soon! and also KazuyaSato is our new staff. He will mostly be working on the scans. So watch out for new and more cool scans!

New Gallery -- Posted by Purin on Friday, December 24 2004

In case you have been wondering what happened to the pictures in the Snippets and Fanart section, here's the news: The image gallery is now working! You can access it through http://www.pokespecial.com/gallery/ and I'll be updating the links right after posting this news update.

Before that, I would like to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays!

Next to do: (1st) Petition listings (2nd) To get new scans from the volume 16 I'd just purchased [May be done by boxing day] (3rd) Change the Splash page (It's boring by now I know)

Polls updated -- Posted by Purin on Sunday, December 19 2004

You can now start voting for your favourite main characters of the Johto series! Choose from Gold, Silver and Crystal. Make your choice wisely as you can vote only once ;-)

I have also updated the Polls and Quizes section with the results of the last poll. Red is the most popular character in that one.

So start polling today!

Also, if you haven't checked out the news about the Oekaki, scroll down the page for it.

Purin's next job: Setting up of the image gallery.
Purin's next next job: Compiling the emails of petition before 31st December.

Oekaki Board ready to accept members -- Posted by Purin on Sunday, December 19 2004

PokéspecialTK finally has an Oekaki board! Now you can all sign up for an account there and doodle all you like! It is located at http://www.pokespecial.com/oekaki, and I will be updating the website with an Oekaki link on the navigation bar. Any one regardless of art level or age can join, so long as you follow the rules there =)

Meanwhile, I will be setting up an image resource gallery. This will be to replace our snippets section. It will help keep updating easier and that may mean faster work to get the images up. Right now only Leo and I can update pictures on the website, but this will be changed with the setup of the gallery.

Forums down again -- Posted by Oni_Flygon on Friday, December 17 2004

Forums are down again. They'll be back soon so don't worry, everyone! =D


Edit: Forums are back up again.

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