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The Official Website of
The Church of Jesus Christ

807 South Cottage Ave.
Independence, Missouri 64050

Organized by Joseph Smith Jr.
April 6, 1830

Reorganized by Alpheus Cutler
 September 19, 1853

     This web site was created by the membership of The Church Of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite) for the express purpose of providing the inquirer with the true facts concerning the basic beliefs and history of the Church.

     Due to frequent inquiries concerning the history, doctrine and beliefs of The Church Of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite), we have felt for some time the need to make this information available to those who are interested. We therefore created this web page to briefly acquaint you with the Church’s stand on various key issues that we have received the most questions about.

     Unfortunately, there have been many false and misleading articles written about our Church by people who have not thoroughly investigated it’s true beliefs and the original doctrine it was founded on. Hopefully this site will be able to furnish the truth about some of the subjects in question for those who are honestly seeking answers.

     This is not meant to be a complete study of all of our doctrinal beliefs…only an opportunity to acquaint you with the basics, and provide you with the means to acquire further information if desired. We welcome all inquiries and will try to answer them as expeditiously as possible. Please visit our site on "Reference Material" to see where and how to obtain more detailed information on the Church’s beliefs.

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