Mass Mailing Cluster System Reactor Mailer™ by Elphisoft Company.

  1. General Characteristics
  2. System Reactor Mailer™ (Reactor) is an "Upload'n'Start" product. That is, the only thing the user needs to do to use the system is download the information (databases, letter, etc). The subsequent mailing is effected via common Web browsers, Internet Explorer, for example. The advantages are obvious - you can create, start and change your mailing tasks from any place in the world, where Internet is available.

  3. Cluster Technology
  4. What is a cluster? To put it bluntly, a cluster is a network of computers, united by one common task. In practice this is an approach to be used in cases when the computational power of one computer is not enough. Another distinctive feature of a cluster is its unlimited expansion capacities. Adding a new computer to the network -which means an upgrade in efficiency - is an on-the-fly process, accomplished in just a few seconds. As a result, the total power of all computers is used in such network to process the given task. This is quite so for the Reactor. Analytically, all the computers in the world, provided they work under ĪS UNIX, can be included into YOUR cluster segment, that is, into the part of the system servicing YOU.

  5. Worker - a No-Server Principle
  6. Due to its extensible architecture, Reactor needs no such notion as "server", instead of which the term "mailing unit", or "worker" is introduced. Worker is a process, directly performing the mailing. The user is not interested, in which part of the cluster his worker is operating, what matters is that this is HIS worker, and that it actually WORKS. The quantity of workers a user can obtain is UNLIMITED. It is obvious, that two workers perform mailing twice as fast as one worker, four workers do the job four times as fast, and so on.

    [the minimum number of workers a one-account user can purchase equals seven, see below]

  7. Unlimited Mailing Speed
  8. You have undoubtedly guessed that such approach makes the notions of mailing speed and system capacity irrelevant and that the seemingly fantastic offer Buy the speed you need becomes reality. Indeed, load 100, 200, 500 workers in the cluster and enjoy unprecedented opportunities that open up.

    However, in the cold light of day proxy-servers are still a problem. Though unique, the current Reactor version is still socks-dependent, which is the major drawback of most mailers. The Reactor needs socks to fully show its great power and if you are a happy owner of fast and reliable socks, welcome to the world of unlimited mailing speed.

    [administration provides socks-support of your account - see Price and Tariffs Section]

  9. Fighting Antispam
  10. It is no secret that a sweeping campaign against spam has been waged lately. All means are good to fight spam, whether legal or not. Leaving aside the ethical aspect of the issue, we will now dwell on its technical side. The team that has developed the Reactor can boast of three years' experience in studying all kinds of spam filters and blockers, starting with the simplest RBL filters and ending with new-fangled language filters, sender checkers etc. We have to admit that presently the average volume of delivered mail has dropped considerably as compared with 2000. Such is life, they say, but never mind - Reactor CAN break through the filter barriers, including the most difficult one - the linguistic analysis filters (e. g. SpamAssassin, Kaspersky Antispam). Reactor has all the necessary macros for this, among them the unique synonymization macro and the automatic text-to-picture converter, which also features the picture morphing technique. Reactor can also do the morphing of the links your message contains. In a word, we have done everything to modify the message contents in order to break through the filters and to fully convey its essential meaning at the same time. We regularly update Reactor, keeping pace with the major antispam programmes. Currently we are looking for ways of breaking through the popular Sender-ID, Graylisting and other filters.

    Some words about Reactor's effectiveness. We use the expression successfully sent message rather than successfully delivered message. Spam filters account for this. Indeed, a message can be rejected even after the system has received the positive OK-Accepted reply of the server. Hence, we are fair with our clients and the mailing statistics is 99% true.

    [See our official user-support forum for complete information and recommendations on circumventing modern antispam programmes]

  11. Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  12. Reactor is operated via a web interface, which includes all the task and worker managing means, statistics monitoring, utilities for working with databases and messages etc. We regularly update the interface and will soon introduce new interesting features.

  13. Prices and Tariffs
  14. Currently we offer the following tariff plans:

    in system
    of Workers
    w/o socks-support
    (USD per month)
    with socks-support
    (USD per month)*

    *Important! Currently User socks-support is not included in the standard service pack of our company and is provided on test basis. We do not guarantee SOX quality and perfect service uptime. You choose the service at your own risk.

    [Nevertheless we provide compensations for standstills related to the use of this service. See Compensations Section]

    More specifically, what do you get? Average socks ensure you 100-200 thousand sent messages per hour according to "One" tariff plan (seven workers, which is an equivalent to a server, to use the terminology of other spam-systems). Good socks increase this figure up to 400-500 thousand per hour. Reactor's maximum registered speed amounts to some 900 thousand per hour, and this is not the limit given there are better socks. If you opt for "Double" tariff, multiply the specified figures by two. Feel the real power of Reactor cluster!

  15. Technical Support
  16. 24 hours, via ICQ. Official forum with extensive documentation, news etc.

  17. Compensations
  18. The Administration guarantees compensations for ALL standstills related to the malfunctioning of the system and the associated services. 24 hours is the minimal compensation period.

    Important! The Administration does not guarantee compensations for standstills, which are the client's fault, e. g. invalid format of the data used, failure to follow the official technical documents, disregard of support team recommendations, unauthorized system tuning, cracking etc. Please immediately inform the technical support team of the problems you have. Otherwise you may be not eligible for compensation.

  19. Guarantee
  20. I, SPM, ELPHISOFT COMPANY FOUNDER, OWNER OF REACTOR MAILER™ SYSTEM, HEREBY PERSONALLY GUARANTEE NON-DISCLOSURE OF USER INFORMATION SUCH AS BASES, MESSAGES, SOCKS ETC. I stake my reputation and my nick, which is significant and by far more valuable for me than all the user bases and socks. I cannot provide any other guarantee than my word, since it is technically impossible to implement such guarantee (if you have any ideas as to how it could be done, feel free to contact me - see the contact details below).

  21. Copyright and Contact Details
  22. The copyright to Reactor Mailer™ system, name, official documents, basic technologies and all related services belong to Elphisoft Company.
    If you have any questions on Reactor Mailer™ or you want to be a customer, please contact me ONLY at ICQ 360000.

    Sincerely Yours, SPM, Elphisoft Company CEO

    © Elphisoft Company 2002-2004. All Rights Reserved.