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Winning a Local Qualifier guarantees you a seat at a Regional event. Keep in mind however, this is only in the event that the Regional fills up. Otherwise Regionals are completely open to walk-ins. Locations marked with an * are unlimited, other locations might cap their entrants to 128.

All events will begin at 1PM.

Cards are REQUIRED.

If players elect to bring their own controls they are free to use them. However, turbo or macro controls will be banned. All controls are subject to prior inspection should the tournament director deem necessary.

Regionals are pay-to-play. No entry fees.

USA Regionals top 3 go to Nationals. Canada Regionals top 2 go to Nationals. Puerto Rice top 1 goes to Nationals.

As long as you're a resident of North America you can enter at ANY location. No restrictions per region.

Game setting is 3 of 5 rounds on default default damage. Double eliminattion format, 2 of 3 games until semi finals and grand finals.

  February 5th, 2005  
  February 12th, 2005  
  February 19th, 2005  
  February 26th, 2005  
  March 5th, 2005  
  • USA: Mountain Regional
    Shearaton Red & Jerry's