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  • All Church Sound does not sell audio equipment, acoustical panels or do installations.
  • All Church Sound does not receive any commission's or kickbacks for any products that are recommended.
  • Working exclusively with churches, providing new facility design, renovation, sound system and acoustical engineering services.
  • All Church Sound will not rubber stamp architectural drawings that will fail to meet the needs of your church.

"Sufficient information is available to such an extent that
it is inexcusable for any church building to have poor acoustics.
The acoustical results may be  determined even before the building is constructed."

Page 163 - Planning Better Church Buildings, William A Harrell, Broadman Press Nashville © 1947

The public-address system in the auditorium should be considered at the beginning of the planning... Special acoustical engineers may need to be consulted. The public address system is part of the acoustical accommodation of the building. Especially this is true in the sanctuary.
Page 56, Providing Adaquate Church Property and Buildings, William A. Harrell, Convention Press, Nashville, © 1969

Churches are built for many reasons, though the one main desire is to spread the WORD.

As Christians, we have the most important message -

Shouldn't we do everything we can to ensure it's heard & understood?

Our Services Include:

  • Complete Church Sound System Designing
  • Complete Church Acoustics
  • New Sanctuary Designing
  • Complete Acoustical Testing
  • Evaluations of Architectural Blue Prints
  • Evaluations of Sound System Proposals
  • Noise Control of Worship Spaces

New Articles - Planning Better Church Buildings - a short review of a 1947 book of the same title.
Book Quotes - more relevent information from the past

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Dear Blake & Joe,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the newest 3rd edition of your superb textbook on church acoustics. Being an owner of the 2nd edition of this book gives me a good basis to do a compare and contrast type of view between the two editions. To say that your 3rd edition is simply an "update" would be a gross understatement! This new volume is nearly 4x as thick and chalked full of vital information to those of us that are truly interested in learning everything we possibly can about church acoustics. The new information contained in the 3rd edition goes far beyond that of the 2nd edition and establishes this new volume as a standard reference textbook that should be required reading for anyone seriously interested in the ins and outs of church acoustics, or sound reinforcement in general. Bravo to you for putting together such a comprehensive and thorough "how to manual," that is a down-to-earth and easy to understand! Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!

Warm regards,

Bob Thompson

(Bob has a Masters Degree in psychoacoustics and is currently pursuing his P.H.D. in psychoacoustics. He is a member of both the Audio Engineering Society and the Acoustical Society of America.)

This is undoubtedly one of the most relevant books for persons in the AV Ministry and church SR installers!

Thanks for making this available to us.

God Bless.
Victor Voo
(Victor Lives in Malaysia and is a fellow church sound tech.)

"A Fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others (and doesn't repeat them)" - Joseph DeBuglio (& Proverbs 12:15)

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Hi,  If you have read down to here, perhaps you would like to know the cost of doing  typical acoustical repairs.
Here are just a few examples.
For each project, the worship space was changed from an unacceptable, low-intelligibility space to a high-intelligibility, warm, musical space.
The prices below do not include our consulting fee.
2002 - First Baptist Church, Norman, OK - seating 1,000 - Cost Under $7,000
(provided final room testing and audio system adjustment for JdB Sound, Acoustics)

2002 - Fellowship of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, CO - full renovation - seating 250 - Cost Under $9,000

2003 - Vineyard Church, Mundelein/Libertyville, IL - seating 450  - Cost Under $6,000
(assisted JdB Sound, Acoustics with project implementation and supervision)

2004 - North Central Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN - full renovation, seating 270 - Cost Under $20,000

2004 - John Hagee Ministries, Cornerstone Christian Church, San Antonio, TX - seating 5,000+ - Cost Under $8,000
(This is a project in progress at this time; only the first portion has been completed, and with great results.)