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Welcome to Milk Of Medusa's writers resources page. We've scoured the web looking for pages and sites that are of interest to writers, whether it be for research, an E-Zine accepting submissions, or business matters.

The data here are separated into items of general interest and research, the business of writing, as well as genre-specific sections for Fiction, Mystery and Horror, Non-Fiction, Romance, Speculative Fiction and Fantasy and Authors, plus, our recommendation for what we consider to be the best online bookstore on the web!.

Keep in mind that pages and sites listed here are not guaranteed by Milk Of Medusa to be accurate. In most cases, we (or the person who recommended the page) tried the site and liked it. But, as with all information on the web, use your common sense when evaluating the information presented.

If you would like to recommend a page, please contact a M.o.M. Administrator with the URL (web address) and which of these categories the page falls into, as well as a brief description. Please note that we do NOT list sites that charge for their services here. However, feel free to mention any pay services in the forums.

Online Bookstores:

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General Research

Common Errors in English Paul Brians, a professor of English at Washington State University, has put it all out there for you to see. A definite must see, if only for those of us who aren't perfect…
Project Gutenberg Every once in a while, you come across something so cool you just have to crow it from the rooftops. Project Gutenberg puts out all the classic literature you can handle on a free web site. Wanna' quote from Petronius' Satyricon and can't find a copy? Now you can.
Bartleby's Need to know something? Anything? No kidding. I'm sure if you searched carefully enough you could get Elvis's street address here. Fiction and non-fiction, anything in the public domain from Aeschylus to W. B. Yeats' writings, not to mention countless reference works, all available at Bartleby's
The Etymology Site Sometimes, it's nice to have something to hang your character's personality or significance on. Every name you've heard of and a hundred times more you haven't. Have fun.
The Quotations Page Pearls of wisdom, rabbit shit on the floor. Whether or whither, it's all inspiration, at the right place and time. Experts on everything. Got a plumber in your story and don't know a snake from a hammer? Here ya' go.
The World Factbook Sweet mama-jama! The official CIA sourcebook for information on every country on Earth, this is the goods.
Hoaxkill Service Rumors and gossip and slander -- Oh My! Wanna know what lawsuits you'll suffer for not researching your facts?
Urban Legends Reference Very cool site devoted to verifying the truth behind urban legends.
National Geographic Oh come on! Do we really need to blurb this?
Currency Converter It'd be a shame if you had to skip that thrilling chase through the bank in Kuala Lumpur because you can't find what rate our hero would get in Ringgits for his Deutsche Marks, thereby fooling the black hats as to...
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The Biz

The US Copyright Office If we need say more, you'll have to pay us royalties.
The Copyright Website Detailed explanations of the different and invariably sticky sides of the intellectual property debate.
US Postal Service You are aware the editor's not coming to you, right? For those of you who actually might want to see publication, an easier way to buy postage.
Association of Authors' Representatives Just as important as tying up that dangling plot thread and cross-referencing your facts, is researching your future agent. You're better off with than without, and you'll soon find that true.
Publishers' Weekly The standard in industry news. If it's important, it's here.
Ralan's Webstravaganza The best market list around. Along with a dearth of resources tips tricks and rock solid advice, Ralan Conley rocks.
SF site A little bit of everything makes this a Spec Fic stew. Columns and interviews, upcoming releases and reviews. Hot off the presses, this is an easily accessible weathervane for the SF industry.
Locus Genre specific industry news, including latest releases, interviews, and the current bestseller lists.
Preditors and Editors Who's who and who's a jackass all on the same page! This is the BBB of the writing world.
The Conlist Not incarceration, it's the science fiction conventions list, though we really should put some of these people away.
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Glimmer Train Paying Publication Well respected small press magazine with an online submissions process and a writer friendly attitude.
American Zoetrope Paying Publication Part workshop, part print magazine, Zoetrope is Francis Ford Coppola's version of a writers' site.
Four Walls Eight Windows Publisher Literary small press with a big rep. Hey, they've even got Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book in large print for all those aging hippy activists who've still got a spark of life to put to the fuse of a Molotov cocktail....
Savoy Publisher The fight for true freedom of speech in the UK still roils like a boiling cauldron of blood, and Savoy is in the forefront, blowing the minds of recalcitrant censors with every volume of dangerously divergent prose. Long live the fighters.
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The Horror Writers' Association Writers' Association Tips, tricks and business advice for all writers, horror and otherwise.
Crimewave Paying Publication A different take on crime fiction from across the pond.
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The Associated Press' Industry News Page Journalists Need to keep up-to-date on the news' news? This AP page is updated weekly with news that matters to those involved in the media.
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Speculative Fiction/Fantasy

Center for the Study of Science Fiction Speculative Fiction writers The University of Kansas' comprehensive site on all things science fiction.
Speculations Speculative Fiction writers On time, every time, since 1995.
Owlcroft Speculative Fiction writers If you're a reader, you might want to check this list of authors and works out.
Holly Lisle Speculative Fiction writers Quite possibly one of the best writers’ sites on the web. You just have to see it for yourself.
Fiction Inferno Paying E-Zine It's our old friend Max, and he's done good. Fiction Inferno, the literary magazine that burns you up. Really. Paying E-Zine Well...what do we really need to say? It's the SCI-FI Channel's baby, and they've got Ellen Datlow, former fiction editor of Omni and winner of SIX World Fantasy Awards! Do you need a personal invite?
The Third Alternative Paying Publication The magazine that revolutionized Speculative Fiction in the UK.
DNA Publications Paying Publication Publishers of the venerable Weird Tales and Absolute Magnitude, this is the big leagues, and you'd best be ready if you think to submit here.
Asimov's Science Fiction Paying Publication Edited by Gardner Dozois, twelve time Hugo Award winner for "Best Editor", bring your best to this table.
Nemonymous Paying Publication So very rarely does something truly innovative survive marriage to altruism in the harsh day to day reality of the business of literature. Check out Des Lewis' Nemonymous, be part of something great.
Redsine Paying Publication A bit of weird, and ultimately dangerous fiction from Down Under.
Del Rey Publisher Jack L. Chalker. Isaac Asimov. Stephen R. Donaldson. Think you've got what it takes to be named amongst the constellation of literary stars published under Lester del Rey's imprint. Go for it.
Ministry of Whimsy Publisher Powerhouse polemicist/author Jeff VanderMeer's excellent, excellent small press big impact imprint.
Wordcraft of Oregon Publisher Literary Speculative Fiction publisher intent on raising the standard of the genre.
Ace Books SF Imprint The venerable 800 lb gorilla of Spec Fic.
ALtair Literary Agency Reputable firm that specializes in new and lesser known authors of Speculative, you're not dreaming.
Dusk Reprints Only A hugely diverse and engaging site with a literary mien. Dusk only accepts reprints from hardcopy publication on the premise that print publication is the true test of a writer.
Aphelion For the Love Good amateur zine, Dan Hollifield puts it out with his own money, and welcomes submissions with a cordiality not often seen in the larger markets.
Fantastic Metropolis For the Love Oh yeah! This is where the big boys play. Michael Moorcock, Zoran Zivkovik, and our old friend Paul Witcover make this one of the premier zines on the net, amateur or no.
Planet Magazine For the Love Long running e-zine, writer and reader friendly. One of my favorites for its easy navigation and HUGE archives. You will find something here you like.
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The Heinlein Society A site devoted to the Dean of Science Fiction.
Graham Joyce Author of Requiem, Tooth Fairy, and Smoking Poppy.
Kage Baker Creator of the highly entertaining and insightful Company novels.
Harlan Ellison The granddaddy of polemical fiction. Wanna piss on someone's ignorant preconceptions? Just call on Uncle Harlan.
Philip K. Dick The original Speculative Fiction realist. Paranoia raised to art.
Michael Moorcock The definitive Michael Moorcock site, with much involvement from the man himself.
Brian Aldiss All the up to date happenings from legendary and all around nice-guy author, Brian Aldiss.
M John Harrison An author with a definite take on his fiction. Read the bio pages; they'll astound you.
Tad Williams With titles like Tailchaser's Song and the highly popular Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Tad Williams is one of the good guys.
Sean Russell Author of Initiate Brother and Gatherer of Clouds, like all great authors, Mr. Russell's passions creep into his fiction, telling us more of him than any biography could.
G.K. Chesterton Novelist, poet, critic, essayist, H.G. Wells best friend. Get the picture?
Kelly Link More than one big name author (Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Peter Straub....) has called Ms. Link the greatest living short story writer today. I tend to agree.
Edgar Rice Burroughs Perhaps you've heard of a little story called "Tarzan"?
David G. Hartwell One of the finest editors/anthologists in the industry.
Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden Patrick Neilsen Hayden is an editor for Tor and a celebrated anthologist.
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