80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
© 2004 by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen




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Your Tax Dollars at Work
1. CIAcid Trip: Psychedelic mind control
2. Get Castro!: CIA plots to waste Fidel
3. Breeding Better People: The wonderful world of eugenics
4. The Disaster Agency: FEMA rules (the world)!
5. The Sickening Secret: Biowarfare American-style
6. A Lovely Little War: Remember the Al-Sabah's
7. Adventures of the Keystone Kommandos: Which "Waco wackos"?
8. Conspiracy Queen and the G-Men: The Mae Brussell FBI files
9. Microfilm at 11: Spooks in the news media
10. Playing Those Mind Games: CIA psychics
11. 'Scuse the Pentagon While They Cook the Sky: HAARP
12. Big Lies: Government propaganda unbound

From Beyond
13. Classified Secrets of the Sky: Roswell and beyond
14. Apolloscam: One giant hoax for mankind?  FREE SAMPLE!
15. Saucer Blitz!: Nazi UFOs
16. Saucer Therapy: Inkspots in the sky
17. Alien Autopsy: A cut-and-run hoax?
18. The Moon-Mars Coverup: Pyramid power
19. The X-Files Conspiracy: Truth vs. TV
20. The Real Men in Black: Stranger than fiction

They Died Alone
21. The Sex Goddess Who Knew Too Much: Marilyn Monroe and those Kennedy boys
22. Lizard King Lives!: Jim Morrison gets out alive
23. The Godfather Part III -- The Real Story: Papal poison?
24. The Man Who Got Too Close: The mysterious death of Danny Casolaro
25. The Cloud Buster: Wilhelm Reich vs. the emotional plague
26. The Hermit Billionaire: The strange case of Howard Hughes

Mondo Politics
27. Votescam: Is your lever rigged?
28. The Mother of All "Gates": Nixon and company
29. Libido-Gate: Washington sex scandals
30. October Surprise: Reagan-Bushco Treason  FREE SAMPLE!
31. The Trouble With Vince: Vince Foster, whacked or just wack?
32. The 'Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy': The plot to get Clinton

Blood 'N' Guts
33. The Royal Ripper: Prince Jack?
34. Death Squad From the Desert: The Manson Cult
35. "Hello From the Gutters": The Son(s) of Sam

Unified Field Theories
36. The Enlightened Ones: Tales of the Illuminati
37. The Sorcerers: James Shelby Downard, mad genius
38. Anglophobia: Meet the Beatles -- secret agents of the Queen
39. Those Christ Kids: Sons of Son of God
40. The Gemstone File: When Aristotle Onassis ruled the world
41. Apocalypse at a Glance: End of the world theories
42. The Shroud and the Scrolls: Shroud of Turin and Dead Sea Scrolls
43. The Protocols Fraud: Racist nuts blame the Jews

Conspiracy, Inc.
44. The White House Putsch: American industrialist plot to overthrow FDR
45. The Candy-Coated Conspiracy: One word -- Fluoridation!
46. Reefer Madness: The snuffing of hemp
47. New World Order: The one-world-blueblood Rockefeller Cabal

Tragedy and Trauma
48. This Means War: Pearl Harbor plot?
49. The Lost Boys: POWs left behind
50. The Evil Empire Strikes Back: The shootdown of KAL-007
51. Pan Am Flight 103: "Don't Stop It, Let It Go"
52. The Jonestown Massacre: CIA mind control run amok?
53. AIDS: The Pentagon's plague?
54. Bombshells in Oklahoma City: The terror bombing
55. Wake Up and Smell the Gas: Sarin in Tokyo
56: Smart Bomber: Unabomber Ted Kaczynski
57: The Jet, the Net and the Missile: TWA Flight 800
58: Crack Shots: CIA drug dealing

State Secrets
59. The Return of Hitler's Spy: Reinhard Gehlen, godfather of the CIA
60. The Secret Team: From JFK to Iran-Contra
61. Meet the New Boss. . .: Bill Clinton's Conspiracy Resume
62. It's Not Missionary Work: Stirring up trouble in the Third World

Random Shootings
63. Who Slew the Walrus?: The assassination of John Lennon
64. Potshots from the "Bushy Knoll"?: George Bush's links to John Hinckley
65. The Bulgarian Concoction: Terror in Vatican City

Twilight of the Idols
66. The Lincoln Conspiracies: Honest Abe and some unusual suspects
67. The Long Aim of the Law?: The assassination of Martin Luther King
68. RFK Must Die!: Bobby's last stand
69. JFK: Conspiracy of Confusion
70. Die Princess Di!: Royal conspiracy roundup

Madness for a New Millennium
71. 911
72. Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Snow... Just Anthrax
73. Votescam 2000: Hail to the thief
74. Internet-born paranoia
75. The Ship That Wasn't There: 'The Philadelphia Experiment'
76. The Most Dangerous Game: The Zodiac Killer(s)
77. Knowledge Is Power: Echelon, Big Brother cubed
78. Kraemer vs. Kraemer: Nazi in the Pentagon?
79. Power to the People: The Enron energy scam
80. Acid Drop: Did the CIA murder Frank Olson with LSD?

And much, much more!*

* A preface and an index.