Sunset.  Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Dominic's World

by Lawrence Guzzino and Patrice Theriot

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Dominic's Birth

{Dominic in hospital}

We are thankful and joyful for the birth of our healthy son,
Dominic Lorenzo Guzzino. He has 2 brothers, a sister and
many generations of close family.

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 {Dominic in hospital}  {Dominic and Pops}
 1 day old (Sept. 7, 2002)  Sept. 7, 2002
 {Dominic and Mom}   {Dominic in hospital}
 Sept. 8, 2002  Sept. 8, 2002
 {Dominic 4th day}  {Dominic 4th day}
 Sept. 11, 2002  Sept. 11, 2002
 {Dominic 25th day}  {Dominic 25th day}
 Sept. 20, 2002  Sept. 20, 2002

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