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Test-Run by BB® ver 2.1.2
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Test-Run by BB® ver 2.1.2
Protects the Registry while testing new software.

- FREEWARE - Designed for Win95/98
using a system later than Win 98? See below...

Includes install/uninstall support (plus a list of all files created... there are NO secrets!)

Test-Run by BB is designed for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Both of those systems will allow the user to operate in DOS mode, later systems will not.

Microsoft operating systems released after Windows 98 don't support the closing down of windows to run a DOS program.... win 95 and 98 does. As you are aware, you must stop an engine to change a fanbelt and similarly it is essential to close windows in order to swap the registry.The file cannot be accurately maintained if windows is still running. So, accordingly, Test-Run is designed for win95 and 98. The processes used in Test-Run will work with later systems but the manual closing of windows then the restarting is not neat and tidy, so that version was not released.


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Here is a system of program files that will permit you to safely experiment with new software without fear of corrupting the windows Registry. The Registry is a data base of essential information for applications and the Operating System.

Some programs that you trial may import values into the Registry that overwrite the original settings. Even if the programs are uninstalled, it can still be impossible to get the Registry back to original.

For example: (1) The data that controls file associations and context menu displays is just some of the information that can be altered during a software trial. (2) When testing a zip program, any existing zip context menu features will almost inevitably be changed, and will not be restored when you uninstall the trial program. (3) Certain graphic programs become associated with particular file types, and former associations are not reinstated when that program is removed from your system. (4) Other types of programs may also cause irreversible changes to the Registry.

The principle of being able to trial a program prior to purchase is very sensible, yet there is always a risk attached in doing so. The Windows Registry is a dynamic file which is constantly changing during use of your computer. Some people regard it as a fragile and easily corrupted file.. that is why there are so many programs for providing Registry backups.

TEST-RUN looks after the Registry in a different way than providing a Registry backup which could be used to fix the Registry "after" any corruption. Instead, TEST-RUN provides a Separate Registry especially for testing trial programs. After testing a program, you can switch back to your normal Registry and install it, or uninstall it before switching back.

TEST-RUN is very easy to use, and provides you with a visual reminder when you have the special test Registry in place. This program is provided as FREEWARE. There are no secret files written to your hard disk, and no Registry entries made on installation. This series of files requires less than 365kb, and can be cleanly uninstalled by access from the Start Menu or the Desktop.

For others who wish to learn more about the Registry editor, you can now experiment in safety, TEST-RUN makes the Registry invincible. Two commands work in DOS or Windows, refer TEST-RUN info.

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Does Test-Run by BB monitor all those DLL's that are added by trial software, and left behind by the program's uninstaller?
Click here to find out about those "phantom" DLL's

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To get Test-Run by BB ver 2.1.2

Download from this site (takes less than 1 minute)

File size 144kb (downloads in less than 1 minute)

File date 20 April 2002 - Site updated 24 March 2004

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