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To report Child Pornography online, please email us and tell us all the details about the material at or you may use the form below. We can pre-screen and collect information and pass it on to the appropriate channels for you.

If you have come across child pornography while surfing the web, please let us know the address of the website. Delete any material that you have encountered.

If you received an e-mail from someone with child pornography attached and know the sender, you may wish to call your local law enforcement to report them. Please do not forward the e-mail to us. We are not law enforcement ourselves, and it could be construed as distribution of the materials. We will gladly assist with the e-mails, but do not endanger yourself by e-mailing the images to anyone but the law enforcement office you are reporting to.

If you encountered someone online while chatting, please send us the nickname they were using, where encountered (server or service hosting the chat), an IP address or other identifying information (if using IRC, please type /DNS <nickname> and send us that information) as well as an exact date, time and time zone of the encounter.

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