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Welcome to the homepage of DCSE, the dedicated comparative sequence editor.

What is DCSE

DCSE (Dedicated Comparative Sequence Editor) is a multiple alignment editor. It can be used to edit protein, DNA or RNA alignments. The structure of the molecules can be incorporated in the alignment. It is written in C, and it uses dynamic memory for most things. This means you can almost edit any size of alignment with it. It offers lots of features such as color display of characters and structure, automatic alignment relative to sequences already aligned with others, sequence grouping, sequence or pattern searching, marker system and checking of incorporated RNA structure.

tkDCSE is a version of DCSE for X-Windows. It has an easy to use, yet flexible and programmable X-windows interface provided by the Tcl/Tk language. A complete on-line hypertext help system is provided.

Although tkDCSE is compatible with version 2 of DCSE, its implementation is completely different. The core of DCSE is implemented as an object which can be controlled by giving commands to it from the Tcl language, an easy to learn, yet flexible, interpreted language. The interface is written as a Tcl program. This way the program can be easily customized, and batch jobs are even possible. This approach has several advantages:

Convers is a complementary program distributed with DCSE which does things like converting between different file-formats. TkConvers has been written a set of commandline programs, which are controlled by a Tcl/Tk interface.

What is new

A version of tkDCSE is finally available for Linux. It does not support dynamic loading of extensions though. This will have to wait until ELF is more common in Linux distributions.

DCSE distributions

DCSE documentation

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