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Welcome to the Sems tsam Za khang - the Mind-Only Café
Originally Founded in India by the Celebrated Yogâcâra Brothers,
Asanga and Vasubandhu
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Your host, Joe Wilson, is Associate Professor of Asian Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, treasurer of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, and editor of that part of the World Wide Virtual Library dealing with major WWW sites in Buddhist Studies. [This is a part of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library, a site which is part of the Asian Studies WWW VL - both established by Dr. T.Matthew Ciolek of the Coombs Computing Unit at Australian National University.]

A Tibetan Analysis of Yogâcâra
Ongoing translation of a volume on Indian Yogâcâra by the Tibeto-Mongolian scholar lCang skya Ye shes bstan pa'i sgron me [pronounced Jangya Yéshé Denbé Drönmé] - posted here for general reference and critical review.
Links to Pages on Asia, Buddhist Studies, and Tibet
A list of links that I have collected and found useful over the years. They take you to major WWW sources [including a number of metapages] relating to the study of Asia, Buddhism, and Tibet. The links relating to Buddhism include links both to academically oriented sites and to sites maintained by practitioners of Buddhism. The links relating to Tibet also include links to sites concerned with the ongoing oppression of the Tibetan people in their homeland and to their struggle for freedom.
Buddhism and Buddhist Studies
Conie Neal's list of on-line resources - including web, gopher, and ftp sites as well as usenet news groups and discussion lists - some relating to the practice of Buddhism and to discussions about Buddhism, others strictly academic in nature.

Web Sites for Fall 1998 Courses: Asian Religions [P&R 232] and Tibetan Buddhism [P&R 370]

Ronald Epstein's Basic Teachings of the Mind-Only School of Buddhism site

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Joe Wilson
Department of Philosophy and Religion
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403 U.S.A.

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