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AAMC Survey Reveals Knowledge Gaps
A recent AAMC survey provides insights into new and persistent knowledge gaps about the roles and contributions of academic medicine to the nation's health. For example, 41 percent of congressional staff surveyed did not know how the NIH budget supports medical research.

AAMC Endorses NIH Ban On Outside Activities
The AAMC has endorsed the National Institutes of Health's new rules regulating the outside activities of its employees, calling the policy "clear and unambiguous" and noting that it will "enhance the public's confidence in the integrity and dedication of NIH employees and scientists."

AAMC President to Step Down in 2006
Jordan J. Cohen, M.D., will step down as the association's president when his current term expires on June 30, 2006. Dr. Cohen has led the AAMC since March 1994 and is the association's third full-time president.

More Apply to US Medical Schools
Almost 36,000 individuals applied to medical school in the 2004-2005 school year, a 2.7 percent increase over last year's applicant pool of 34,791. Black and Hispanic applicants contributed to the rise, with 2.3 percent and 2.5 percent respectively.

Resolving to Reassert the 'E' in GME
Residents today sometimes see themselves as employees rather than as students. AAMC President Jordan J. Cohen, M.D., argues that this perception threatens to undermine the core purpose of graduate medical education.

AAMC Publications

In this issue: In the resident Match antitrust lawsuit, Jung et al. v. AAMC et al., a U.S. District judge denied the plaintiffs' request to file an amended complaint against the AAMC and several other organizations. Sign up to get the AAMC's free electronic newsletter e-mailed to you each Monday morning.

Academic Medicine
The February issue of Academic Medicine contains five articles on innovations in teaching; one is free to non-subscribers: “Teaching Inpatient Communication Skills to Medical Students: An Innovative Strategy.” Also free is a research report, “Mood Change and Empathy Decline Persist During Three Years of Internal Medicine Training.”

AAMC Reporter
In this issue: For some hospitals that provide care to immigrant patients without compensation, weighing financial considerations versus medical and ethical issues is a complex process, especially when the patient is in the country illegally.

New In Print
"The AAMC Report On Medical School Faculty Salaries 2003-2004" includes 33 tables that present the total compensation attributable to teaching, patient care, or research for 77,640 full-time medical school faculty. The publication reports total compensation statistics for six faculty ranks in 73 departments.

Web Feature
Faculty Vitae
The premiere issue provides news and professional development for academic medical faculty.

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