Who We Are

Online Guardians™
The group was started to give the public access to self-help information without having to join as a volunteer or fill out paperwork. By putting the information on a website and backing it up with IRC staff on multiple servers to help answer questions, this volunteer effort hopes to reach the masses and give them the tools they need to be safe. By working with law enforcement, Online Guardians™ is a friendly place to report child pornography or predators, hackers and other cybercrimes quickly and easily. We have many volunteers around the world helping us including many law enforcement officers.

Main Contacts

Online Guardians™ was founded by Paul (also known online as WhiteWolf or {Bandit}) and Cate (also known as Alorinna) Donoghue. Paul and Cate have 38 years of computer expertise between them. Paul devotes his spare time to helping people stay safe online by running Online Guardians, he is a Data Center Manager for an ASP Company, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. Cate is a senior software developer, DBA and security consultant and has been a very successful Microsoft Certified Trainer.

IRC Leader Jack Jensen
Jack, known on IRC as et109, is a former USAF Staff Sergeant and served during the Vietnam era as a digital communications technician. He entered commercial construction after his release from the military, working as a carpenter and spent 23 years at the craft. Currently assigned as a Temporary Supervisor in Mail Processing Automation, he has spent the last 6 years as an electronics tech for the USPS.
He has completed several computer related and networking schools required by his current employer and computers and their operation have been a hobby of his for years, starting with a TI99/A and the basic programming language in the 1980's.
He is the proud father of 2 sons and 4 daughters and has 6 grandsons.

Director of Security Elemental0125
Ed (known on line as elemental0125) is a Computer Scientist in Bristol,UK. He has been working with computers for over 12 years and has been an avid user of the Internet for more than seven years. He specialities are IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where he has worked as a SysOp on several servers, as well as writing modifications to the Unreal IRC server, and internet security which has been a hobby of his pretty much since he started using the internet.

Director of Volunteers `sunshine
Louise Atkinson, 51, is the mother of two daughters and grandmother to 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters (3 in May). A nurse since 1977...she is unemployed by choice and became a computer addict to fill in the time. A survivor of a long-term, abusive marriage she has devoted time to domestic violence programs and the Guardian ad litem program, which is a child advocacy program. Louise became interested in computers 3 years ago and soon afterwards discovered safety and help organizations online...since then one of her goals has been to help educate those who have found themselves in precarious situations linked with online use and to get rid of those use the internet as a tool to distribute and propitiate child porn.
In her spare time Louise enjoys reading, writing, sketching, music, cooking, camping and spending lots of time playing with the grands.
Unlike the other members of the team...she isn't very technically inclined but lends the skills learned in the activities of daily living such as organization, writing and other people skills to assist the organization in any area she can.

What We Do

As you explore this site you will see that we cover many areas of online safety. We are constantly growing and adding to this as we can. We offer an extensive Self-help library of online safety topics including online child safety and the prevention and control of cyberstalking, hacking, and viruses just to name a few. We also offer general computer and safety education. There is nothing to purchase, this service is free of charge. You do not have to join or provide any details about yourself to use the services of Online Guardians™.

Our Experience

Our core of volunteers hold a variety of skills. The founders have heavy computer security backgrounds. Our volunteers have backgrounds in computer security, counseling, law enforcement and many other areas.