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  • Carmageddon 2 Advanced Link Fixed

    10 Jan 2005
    Hi again!

    I just fixed the C2 Advanced main link on this site. I should be able to fix any bad link on this site now. If you find any bad link or something else that bothers you let me know. You can find my e-mail address in the Masters of Mayhem clan info so far.

    Bye, until soon!

    Rax X

    Saying Hi!

    07 Jan 2005
    Hi I'm Rax X!

    Since Wolv started his TDR site i've been with him doing stuff for the site and making suggestions for it.
    Excuse that my english ins't perfect, my main language is german.
    I did some tutorials and some car skins for Carmageddon TDR2000 that you can find on this site.
    I also created Carmageddon 2 Advanced, a Mod for C2 that is also hosted on Gamingsource since a while. I think the link on this site to C2Advanced site isn't working right now, so for everyone who doesn't know about it yet and wants to check it out right away here quickly is a working link: =)
    I will fix the main link on this site as soon as i know how to do it.

    Wolv is currently explaining to me how to edit this site. Thanks for that Wolv! I really actively want to help with this site. Also thanks to him for all the work he put in this site and his Carmageddon tools. I hope that all these tools will be completed one soon day so that everybody can use them and see how brilliant they are.

    I'll get common with this website during the next time and try to add some new files / stuff and do some maintainance work.

    Keep checking in once a while! =)

    Rax X

    Yeah i'm still here...

    27 Nov 2004
    Hi everyone, i know its been a while since my last post... so im sorry for that. My latest large project is quite addictive, and then theres other things i'm up to as well. Anyway, i hope to be back on form and updating the site shortly. It may however begin to change quite dramatically. It's quite unfortunate that i'm a one-man-band when it comes to running the site, and keeping things maintained and even just trying to finish things is quite difficult to fit in. So, i am thinking over a possible but dramatic change, more of a mini-site really. Something i can manage and something that is more dedicated to my own developments rather than "everything". Don't worry though, i will still keep everything online if that did happen, and clan pages and such will still be available. I'm still thinking hard about what i'm going to do yet, so no changes will probably happen until next week.
    Screenshot Submitter Update

    11 Oct 2004
    Please find a minor update to the Screenshot Submitter on the TDR2000 files page. It includes a fix for the "incorect low-source" bug, and also, overall quality has been increased. Enjoy!
    Snazzy Clan Info

    04 Oct 2004
    You may have noticed that the new advanced clan info system is up and running for both clans. What does this mean? Well for a start it makes my job of adding new members easier, but it also allows members to edit their own details without my intervention. All members of both clans have been allocated a username and password, so if you see me in Gamespy and i have yet to give you one, give me a kick to remember! Given time, hopefully the complete site can have this kind of functionality, file download counters, car and track submission... it would be cool wouldn't it? So much to do and so little time, arf.
    This and that

    03 Oct 2004
    Hey everyone.

    Just a few things to inform viewers about really, number one i have exams coming up very soon, so please don't feel too bad about lack of updates. Things will get back to normal, but revision must come first! Secondly, you may find a second advertising banner appear soon, i'm very sorry about this. I don't really have much choice in the matter, but i will do my upmost to ensure that it doesn't irritate too much.

    Thirdly, i have some exciting news for you all to stew on. Well, shall we say... your Carmageddon II dreams are coming true? Can you guess what i'm working on right now? I'm not going to be too specific, but one thing i can say is: It DOES work, it WILL be released, and it is a REALITY! If you haven't worked out what i am jibbering on with yet, you'll just have to wait and see... but if you are clever enough to remember what every C2 player wants, then i guess you'll be wetting yourself in suspense right now.


    05 Sep 2004
    Chat is back online, after such a long time... we have an IRC room registered again, and i will try to be in there as much as possible to answer questions or give help regarding patches, files, problems etc. Enjoy!
    Screenshot Submitter out!

    29 Aug 2004
    Please find Screenshot Submitter added to the TDR2000 files list. Only submit your best shots please :) Enjoy!
    Interactive Screenshots???

    27 Aug 2004
    You may or may not have noticed a change of links on the main menu today, called Screenshot Gallery. Well, the old gallery was ok but the whole process of sending in shots, and me putting them up is a bit of a pain. A nice idea from Slay helped push me to develop this new system, i call it the Interactive Gallery.

    With this gallery, anyone can submit screenshots via a small program which will be relesed shortly and they will get added to the gallery instantly. It will show 60 of the newest shots, and eventually the excess will go into some kind of archive. I plan for the whole system to be up and running for the weekend, but i will probably be running tests later this evening. If you fancy helping then let me know in Gamespy!


    24 Aug 2004
    Ohh damn colds and flu, don't you just hate them? I don't get them that often but when i do, omg! Anyway, i hope that has explained the lack of news at least for the past week or so. However, getting back into the swing of things now, please find a small update to Spectator Mode in the files section. Enjoy!

    Also, i hope to bring a further update during the next week, with rock solid text output (hey-ho i'm learning directx ?!?!) and hopefully an in-car camera! Excellent! See you then.

    From half to TWO full releases!

    09 Aug 2004
    Hello everyone!

    You should find two new additions to the TDR2000 Files page now, including standalone versions of both Spectator Mode and Stunt Challenge. Yes, those stunt scripts are now useful?!?! If you did download the original TequilaStuntChallenge track + script please redownload it because it has been updated and improved!

    A half release?

    21 Jul 2004
    I have some great news, and then some maybe not so great news :)

    The great news is... the stunt track modification is completed, and online! Check the addon tracks page.

    The bad news is, you can't play it yet! HAHA! Hmm sorry that wasn't funny. Well what i mean is, you need the lobby to make the stunts work and this isn't quite ready yet, at least for a couple of days. Then, you should be able to play it. I don't mean the whole lobby will be ready either! I mean it will be good enough to run this for everyone. I'm being cruel really because the lobby probably is good enough, i've been having great fun with it and it's working very well. However, i would like to give it a good check over before anyone else uses it. So it's those words again...

    until next time. Cyas.


    18 Jul 2004
    The things i have to do eh? Some of you may have been hearing about a stunt challenge system which is going into the lobby, but what a challenge it is testing it! All day i was trying to get on that top spire, until i gave up and plotted a few kangaroo... Well i wanted to stay up there see, not just hit it. Well i made it eventually!

    It all works from a script basis, similar to gamescripts if you have ever played with them. You specify the areas, their name, points given when you succeed etc. and you've just got yourself a new stunt hit-area. The first map i have been working on is Tequila HiRise... but i will be uploading a custom version very soon which will be perfect for this new mode.

    Until next time... Cya's.

    Couple of additions

    04 Jul 2004
    Hey all!

    It didn't seem right to be working on the Lobby, knowing that the new funky updater which seems to now work flawlessly isn't available to anyone who actually needs it! So, i've ripped out of the the latest build i'm working on so that people can experience it's benefits. Funnily enough, it's actually saved one or two games which for some reason just didn't work when installing the offical patch.

    Anyway, you will find it on the right hand pane as usual, labelled as a new version. I must stress, this release only has Auto Updater enabled and no other lobby functionality will work. Rather than releasing BETA's of the full lobby from time to time, it's probably safer everyone to just wait until it's right.

    Also, my first big upload! HAH! The offical TDR Upgrade Patch is now hosted on this website as Mirror 2 on the file page. Took long enough didn't it? At least now we don't have to rely on other people's links.

    A load of new cars uploaded to the server now, so stay tuned to those car pages as they begin to grow in the next few days :)

    Behind the scenes

    20 Jun 2004
    Hi, i hope you're all well. I managed to host my first few games of TDR since getting broadband... it's been really fun. It's great to give something back after all the time i'm pestering other broadband users to host for us! Slay being one of them, who was my constant victim... sorry about that!

    You will soon see some much bigger changes and additions to this site, now that i can get more done in my such limited schedule... i have a lot more cars ready to go online and a big archive of screenshots! I also intend to host the tdr upgrade patch (the official package) on this server, so there is always a working link if mirrors should go down. Uploading in small bits with 56k before was such an effort...

    Anyway thanks for sticking with us, i hope to give you all some extra impressive content soon.


    06 May 2004
    Hey, just a small update really to say that the client is coming along really well... no major problems yet. Some may have heard that i am learning php as well, not for this stuff specifically but it will come in useful for it.

    If you're interested in how the lobby will communicate with MoM, maybe you have some fancy ideas? Online buddy list? Browse top 10 killers? hehe, i dunno... maybe you can drop me a line.

    Also, welcome TNT to the [M[]M] clan! It's really nice to have a new member, a great guy too. Thanks and have fun playing.

    On a last note, a little birdie tells me that Rax's latest TDR gaming tutorial is going through it's first phases of correction :) So hopefully it won't be long before everyone see's his next masterpiece.

    At long last!

    22 Apr 2004
    I'm really pleased to say that the host of the TDR-Lobby is now complete!!! After another whole day today, i put the finishing touches to it... such as auto-detecting the next map you load (map cycling) to make sure anyone joining afterward gets checked against the correct map. It also reads entrie gamescripts and sets up the track order, for just the same reasons. To top it off, the program remembers all of your settings and reads them into each menu at startup, oh, and i put in some nice indicators to show you when players are chatting.. ready.. and in-game! WOOT!

    These are only a few of the very latest things, but if you have used earlier versions you will find tons more features in the final product.

    This is not the end though, theres still the client to finish yet. The host is about 75% ish of the whole coding, so i rekon i'm well on track for the tourneyment release. So stay tuned!

    Throwing a sickie!

    30 Mar 2004
    Hi everyone, ohhh i been feeling bad the past week... really bad migraine. Not the kind of thing to be having when you use computers a lot. Touch-wood, it's slowly subsiding now... well i feel good enough to send this message and begin catching up on the work i haven't been able to do - including the lobby which i happened to be really getting to grips with too, it terms to fixing important problems. Typical!

    If anyone has been trying to speak with me, or has e-mailed etc. i will get back to you as soon as i can. See you all in gamespy soon, hopefully the end of this week, with yet another lobby to test, hurrah!!!.

    P.S. not that i like making a fuss but, it's... it's... my b-day today!!! woohoo!!! 19!!!! woohooo!!!! yehaaaaaaa! :)

    Yes? No? me decide!

    18 Mar 2004
    Hi everyone!

    It's been a little while again hasn't it? But i haven't been sitting on my arse, nope, i been working hard... now that the tourney is official it's important that the lobby gets a big chunk of my time. It's payed off so far, with 3 functions of it now completed inc. Anti-Freeze, Spectator Mode and File Tranfers.

    This brings me to something which Slay mentioned, and i thought it was a good point. How about releasing the Spectator Mode as a standalone addon, as well as including it in the final lobby release?

    As much as i'd like to do this for one person, the lobby is a very important project to me. So, what to do? I decided to create a Poll in the Masers of Mayhem - Programming and Graphics forum, and it explains what the spectator Mode is, and does. I would like everyone to read it and think about the prospect of a standalone addon. If enough people really, really want it, i'll do it - because i'm a nice guy.

    ...and don't forget, we are still looking for FFA Tourney entrants so get off your butts, get practicing and sign up.

    P.S. i hear there might be a few new skins appearing from Obvlivion, and a helpful new tutorial from Rax - so stay tuned! Bye!

    TDR2000 Tournament News

    29 Feb 2004
    Well it's been talked about for some time but nothing really set in stone, but now it's almost official... there WILL be a TDR2000 Free For All Tournament.

    It's not sure yet if it's going to be broadband only competitors, but in any case, if you're interested then get signing up at the following URL:

    If you want more info that is not listed on the website, go and find SilverHaze in Gamespy Arcades TDR2000 room!

    New look baby!

    10 Feb 2004
    I don't think i need to tell you all what has happened here, but i hope you like the new colours :) The text still needs tweaking from the old style, but that's about it. Just the forum to tie up with a similar scheme now, tata!
    Work work work...

    31 Jan 2004
    Hi there, sorry about the lack of news over the past few days... but i have had to get on with some important university prep' ready for Feb 7th. I have added a new item to the TDR2000 files page, a cut-down version of Powerup Plotter v2.0 (The pro version will be out, sometime... lol, well when i have time to finish the little things of it off). The new lobby update i keep talking about should be here tomorrow evening, once i have sufficiently tested it's new features.

    Oh and i contacted BT today :) Looks like Broadband will be here in as little as three weeks (at least thats the exchange upgrade...) i wouldn't have thought it would take long after that before i'm running, w00t!

    UPDATE: After some testing on TDR-Lobby v2.065 last night, it's release has been postponed for a little while. Should be too long, just a few problems to sort out. I'll let you know more once everything is OK.

    Coming soon :)

    24 Jan 2004
    Hey there again!

    Just some info about a new Lobby update coming soon, infact during the next days... You'll find a hell of a lot of new things in this update. The console chat interface is now working great! with 16 lines of available chat, updated frequently. Success (or not!) results to certain commands you type in are also shown here.

    Speaking of commands, there are a shed load of new ones too... including /setcar which changes your car for the next map, /timeleft which is useful for when you have finished a race, and /moretime for when you didn't configure enough in the first place. There are many more than this, i had to make a long text file to detail them all for you :D I hope to release it as soon as possible.

    Cya all!

    Online score system

    11 Jan 2004
    Today i setup and added a scoring system to the site, ready for the next version of the lobby :)

    You will find that when you host in this next version, a unique GameID will be generated. At the end of games the host and client can post their scores to this id automatically, and a ranked table will be created here. You just type your id in and tada!


    09 Jan 2004
    Hello everyone,
    I'm in a really happy mood, yeah... why? We finally got enough people for broadband! 532 to be exact.

    So, now it's just a case of waiting for BT to set a date for upgrading the exchange and thats it. Whew!

    Also you may like to know i have added some new files to the site. A blank set of FMV files for TDR2000, by request... and a brand new version of the Screenshot Saver for Carmageddon II. More stuff coming for the lobby also, the current version i uploaded just a few days ago fixed many bugs. Today i have been working on a spectator mode - and it's working excellently. At the moment it follows the car which is most active... but this will be modified later. Stunts look really cool i must say :)

    Tada! 2004

    04 Jan 2004
    Happy new year everyone,

    As you will know if you have been trying out the TDR-Lobby we are currently at v2.05 via the auto-updater. Unfortunately the newer versions i will be releasing won't be able to be distributed in this way until i modify the updater. It must create new folders for certain updates. Anyway, all of this should be ready for 2.07 and there will be no need go through these things again.

    For now though, to update your version from v2.05 to v2.06 you need to download the following update pack

    Take a look at the readme for information about what is new, i hope to bring you an even better release soon.

    *UPDATE: Auto-Updater has now been replaced with the TDR2000-Lobby and the full packed version has been added to the files section. To update you game please use TDR2000-Lobby.

    Christmas is here!

    25 Dec 2003
    Merry Xmas everyone!

    Hope you all got what you were hoping for :) Have a great day, whetever you're doing. Bye for now.


    19 Dec 2003
    Thanks to TobiasTheTaffer for kicking off our Misc Skins section of the website with his v.nice Herbie Skin.

    Also stay tuned because i have very nearly completed a new update for the lobby. It includes bug fixes, a room lock for the server, cheat detection support for nosebleed tracks/cars and also the ability kick players via the chat interface of the game. e.g. /kick Wolverine.

    This new feature also allows chat messages from within the game to be broadcast to people in the lobby who are not playing, so long as you use the / switch in front of your chat messages :) Perhaps i will finish this feature off by allowing lobby chat to be broadcast to the game as well, who knows. What do you think?

    P.S. Auto-updater will be removed from this site in favour of the lobby, once the new update is ready. No point in confusing people eh.

    On schedule...

    11 Dec 2003
    As i said, 666hp clan page is now up and running. Unfortunately i couldn't fill in all areas so... let me know if i need to upgrade it at all.

    Also release #1 of the lobby is now at the files page. I can't say anymore except try it, there may be probs on different systems but this is to be expected. Heck it's a first release :) Just extract the zip to the TDR2000 folder, and run the program. I am aware of two or three current problems only, at the moment. Neither of which are major.

    P.S. Cars on this site are down just for today, will all be back tomorrow.

    Erm and also, if you try joining with the lobby you may see a game of mine supposedly running. It's an old one i used for testing so ignore it! Slay, i forgot to ask if you could clear the server list please? Thanks! ...bye for now.


    10 Dec 2003
    Would just like to say that i will be putting the 666HP Clan details back up tomorrow as it seems they are slowly getting back together, sorry it's taken a little longer Trans-am... i've had some much on my mind. Also, i will upload the Lobby to the files page at the same time - had some niggling issues with it's car and track downloads, but they are all resolved now. Oh and you may notice a new addiiton to the MoM forums, for a NFS Clan: [Spider]. I have been playing with them for quite a while now (in-fact it must be getting on for a year!)... some great guys so please be nice to them :)
    SIte changes for the weekend

    05 Dec 2003
    Hi there!
    The lobby v1.03 Release #1 is now ready. It has undergone masses of testing between two computers here at home, and some testing has been carried out online with up to 4 players. I'm confident that it's running good but before i post it here there are some changes which need to be made to the site... namely cars and tracks. Each car and track must be renamed to the same exact filename used by their folder when installed into TDR2000 so that the lobby knows what to download. So, i'm just warning you guys that tracks and cars may not be available (from the site) during the next couple of days.

    And remember, this program is for all of you... it doesn't matter what i want, but if there is anything useful you think should be included in the program for the next release, don't hold it back - lets make a perfect lobby for everyone :)

    Lobby release

    01 Dec 2003
    Been a few days, and the lobby is just a couple of days away. Automted track and car downloading is now 100% working, and autoupdater for the patches is integrated.

    It's really just little things to mess with now and test to make sure it all works as it should. You know i really want to get thing thing released asap... so i can update the site properly again. The lobby has taken a lot of my time, all in-fact - but i ain't the kind of guy to start something and then bit n' bob. Either do it or don't hehe.

    P.S. i know i forgot to mention this, but the forum is now open and working... so feel free to post if you want. I see there are quite a few visits a day here since we came back, but maybe you are not seeing the forum.


    Lobby features

    23 Nov 2003
    Hi again!

    As some of you may know, over the time which the site has been down i decided to re-code the TDR2000 Lobby... i'm really pleased that i did. I have learnt a lot more about TCPIP over that time, and as a result i found new and better ways to develop a very good program for playing TDR2000 online.

    It is getting very close to a finished article now, with almost all the functionality i was looking for. I think now is the time to start asking you guys what else you would like to see in the software so that everyone is happy once it is finally released. I have started a thread on the new forum, so post lists of features you would like and i'll try my best to put the most popular ideas in!


    Seems like forever?

    17 Nov 2003
    Yes it does, even for me... i really didn't think we would be back you know - but we are, at last.

    I'll post everything that has been happening during the downtime very soon, and that forum will be getting sorted out as my first prioity!

    Hope you are all well, cya for now.

    Pupsy almost ready!

    15 Oct 2003
    I'm very very pleased to say that Powerup Plotter is extremely close to a final release, both respawn and powerups are working 100% in real-time. Many bugs have been overcome now also, leaving me with just a few things to sort out. The longest job is going to be creating all of the .pup files for the free for all maps... you see Powerup Plotter streams these new files with all your available powerups and respawns into the game on load, and then removes them when you quit :)

    Fancy a run-down of what is new in this edition? Ok then!

    • Respawn angle now generates automatically when AutoPlot is used.
    • Copies of each ffa map, modified especially for editing are seamlessly streamed into the game on load and removed on exit.
    • New system means you can see what you are plottoing, in real-time...
    • Up to 100 powerups can be plotted in a single session, and 20 respawns. Make this variable?
    • The console now drops down and returns when needed, to inform you of progress, what is happening and potential errors.
    • Coordinates are shown constantly in the top left corner of your game for advanced modders.
    • Powerups, and respawns (uses max armour powerup) can be moved and deleted in real-time. Deleted items can be re-used later.
    • When you save, any surplus powerups and respawn points are kept with your .pup and tagged for later editing until you decide to finalize it.
    • The HUD, and respawn delay are automatically removed on load and car doors are locked permenently to stop errors when using D to delete items.
    • The search facility for the main window(s) now jumps to the next matching string when pressing enter.
    • All game patching, hex modding and changes have been compiled into a brand new TDR2000.exe which will not affect your game during normal use.
    • A height compensation function allows you to plot powerups and respawns at a higher level than your car, for areas of the map which you may not be able to reach by driving.
    • A custom editing panel is now available when compiling maps to allow you to edit related files manually (advanced users only).
    • The standard, manual plotting mode via buttons has been kept and upgraded to work with the new real-time plotting system.
    • Older .pup files created with previous versions of the program can be used, and you can add the additional 100 powerups/20 respawns if you wish.
    • Powerup plotter now closes automatically if you decide to exit the game first.
    • and much much more!

    You really won't believe how much work and effort that has gone into this new version, everything is refined but the filesize is now around 800KB just for the .exe - yes, that's quite a bit more code than the previous official released version! Plotting just got more fun... stay tuned.

    More done

    12 Oct 2003
    Today i sorted out the old TDR2000 FAQ we had on the old site and got it uploaded... you can find it on the right hand side of every page.

    The forum is now setup and working with all catagories intact... enjoy posting. The colour scheme and some permissions will eventually be set once people sign up again.

    Right then, looks like i'll be concentrating on those car/skin/track screenshots and general link-bugging... more news later.

    Testing... Testing... 1, 2, 3

    11 Oct 2003
    On schedule and coming along nicely, are two programs which have taken up a lot of my spare time lately. They are Auto Updater and Powerup Plotter.

    Both programs have their flaws, and could do with more functionality but you come to expect this with programming. Nothing is perfect, especially for a young programmer like myself.

    Anyway, i have completed two test versions of these programs but please be aware that they are not 100% finished and parts of these programs may not work yet.
    However... if you enjoy looking at the latest TDR2000 programs and fancy trying them, feel free. If you do, please let me know how you got on and post any bugs to my usual e-mail address.

    Auto Updater includes a much more refined, bug proof system so far with file by file CRC checking and a fully working transfer monitor.

    Powerup Plotter has had one hell of an overhaul, with full game integration with powerups and the console. There are simply too many new features to mention so all i can suggest is to try it. Be aware that this test version of Powerup plotter is designed to work with Warehouse only at the moment. Cam-plotting still needs to be fixed.

    I hope you enjoy them, visit the file section to download!

    Next to come...

    11 Oct 2003
    Hi everybody, i'm glad to say that a lot of work that has been getting in the way is pretty much gone now so i will be cracking on with the site tonight. Woohoo!

    The main things i will be doing include the uploading and sizing of car/skin/track screenshots and fixing of links. Also, tutorials will be checked over and remaining ones uploaded.

    Powerup plotter is scheduled for a test release, late tonight followed by a final edition a few days after. An updated tutorial will follow thereafter.

    I hope you are all well, and i look forward to seeing you guys in gamespy sometime this weekend :)

    Those ups and downs of life

    04 Oct 2003
    It's amazing isn't it, how things happen... Well, i was getting on so well with just some skins pages to finnish, so i decides to put up a temp page while it did them. A day later the site is gone, whaaa!?! I almost had a heart attack thinking something had gone terribly wrong, account lost or such. Phew, it wasn't that bad though... the host were upgrading servers but my account login got buggered up in the process so i had to wait while it was re-configured.

    As you can see it's all ok now, so on with the show... bye for now.


    23 Sep 2003
    Hi everyone, things are gradually coming along... you will notice status tags at the top of each page to let you know if they are complete or not. Well it helps me remember also!

    I know there are still many things to complete and i am working fast to do them for you, others may know that uni has started already and what with programs i need to finish too it's a struggle. So keep checking back, because i do keep doing a little each day.

    P.S. expect a new release of the powerup plotter quite soon, there are some new things in this you will just love!

    Welcome Back!

    27 Aug 2003
    As you can see, we are finally... back.

    I didn't want to leave that little index page up a moment longer, even though there are still things to do, bugs and links to fix i think it's in a state where it's usable now anyway.

    Everything is online, even if some links may seem to be down so please try to wait a bit while i overcome these problems. It won't be very long.

    You may notice that the skins page says there is nothing on it yet, but there is... it's just offline at the moment while i add the finishing touches, so expect it online tonight.

    Bye for now.

    Monday, February 07 2005

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