NEW! Soldier Humpty

Soldier Humpty

NEW! Humpty's Face for Machine Embroidery Now Available
(See Below)

NEW! Completed Humpty Now Available for Ordering
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In Memory of Mary Petroff

Mary was the mother of our best man at our wedding and she and I became the best of friends from the time I was 20 years old until she passed away in 1987. She and I used to do a lot of sewing together and she taught me how to make Humpty. She was often called "The Humpty Dumpty" lady by many children who received and loved this wonderful pillow. I hope you will enjoy making him for the babies that come along in your lives as much as I have enjoyed making them for the babies that came along in mine.

--Jan Henning

I have had many requests from people that wanted to purchase the Humpty pillow already made. Humpty's outer covering is removable so it can be washed. The size of Humpty is about 10" X 18".

Price is $20.00 with shipping included within the U.S. and Canada. Money Orders (U.S. funds) only accepted. Please print this page and enclose it with your order. Mail it and your Money Order to: Janice Roebuck, 5800 W. Sherwood, North Judson, IN 46366. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


yd. of a print or stripe or plaid for lower body and arms and legs

yd. of solid for head and hands and feet

yd muslin for the inside pillow

embroidery floss (black, red, blue) for
hand embroidery
-OR -
Machine embroidery thread plus
Download Design Here

1 package of bias tape to match the fabric

Polyfil stuffing for pillow

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS: I made only half of the body and head pattern so it would fit on the scanner. You will have to draw out a full pattern.

Click HERE for layout sketch

Cut 2 pieces of solid color fabric for head pieces

Cut 8 pieces of solid color for hand and foot pieces

Cut 2 pieces of print, plaid or stripe for body pieces

Cut 8 pieces of print for legs and arms

Cut 2 pieces of muslin for inner pillow. (Lay the new pattern that you made with the straight edge on the fold and cut two pieces that will then be oblong. )

Cut 2 pieces of bias tape 12" long

Use method of choice to trace face onto one head piece of solid fabric.

Eyes: Upper part of eye can be a hand embroidered outline or backstitch or you can use the "triple action straight stitch" on the sewing machine. (Use a hoop if hand stitching and use stabilizer if machine stitching.) Lower part of eye is done in blue with the satin stitch or buttonhole stitch by hand. I haven't had good luck with a machine stitch due to the width of that eyeball.

Nose: Black outline stitch or backstitch or machine "triple action straight stitch".

Mouth: Red thread could be done with the above or a very narrow satin stitch.

Linda Gugliotta, a teacher for Erica's in South Bend and a wonderful digitizer of many designs on Erica's site listed under "Express Designs," generously offered to digitize my Humpty Dumpty Face for me. The design can be stitched out using the "mid size hoop." I split the design so that those with the Rose and the Viking 1+ could stitch it out with the Plus Hoop.

Print out the design for placement. Fold the head fabric piece in half vertically and draw a vertical placement line. Place the center of the design on that line and 3 1/2" from the straight edge of the head. Make your placement markings and stabilize.


Head and Body of Humpty: Sew the embroidered face piece to one print body piece along the straight edges using " seam. Press seam down towards body. Sew one piece of bias tape to the right side straight edge of the other head piece in 1/4" seam. Turn to wrong side and press it down and topstitch on the edge of the tape. Do the same to the other lower body piece. Set aside.

Arms and Legs: Sew all hand /foot pieces to all arm/leg pieces. Then sew 2 sections of each together right side to right side leaving the straight ends open. Cut notches in the curved ends of the seam so it will lay nicer and turn and press.

Lay the front body with the face up. Fold in half lengthwise to find the center top and bottom. Cut a tiny notch to mark the center top and bottom.

Form a small pleat at the center of the open end of one leg piece and pin it. Place the side of one leg piece 1" from the lower center notch with the leg facing up towards the body and raw edges matching. You will have to kind of work with the leg raw edge to form around the curve of the lower body. Pin it down. Do the next leg the same way (1" from the center notch), making sure the pleat faces the same way. Pin it down and the legs will temporarily cross each other within the upper body. Lift the legs up and check to make sure those pleats look correct.

Make a pleat in center straight edge of one arm section and place the arm facing the inner body with the pleat laying on the seam line of the head and body. Place the other arm section, making sure that the pleat goes in the same direction as the other side did.

Fold the back head piece and the lower body piece in half and cut a tiny notch in the center of the curved part.

Lay the printed lower body back piece over the front sections right sides together and matching those center notches. Then pin the bias straight edges about 1/4" above the seam of the front sections. Pin in place and then place a few more pins to hold the layers together.

Lay the head piece, right sides together and first match the notches in the center and then overlap the bias tapes first. You will sew snaps on this bias tape area, so make sure only the bias tapes are overlapped. Then pin the rest of the head in place.

Start sewing above the one arm section and sew all around the whole Humpty. Use a 1/4" seam Then sew again to reinforce the seam. . Turn inside out.

Sew three snaps (centering the first one) on the bias tape for closures.

Sew the two muslin pieces together leaving an opening on the side to turn. Stuff lightly (remember, this is for babies) and sew the opening by machine. Place the pillow inside of Humpty and snap closed.


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