The Nature of Sex and Sexuality

(updated October 23, 2003)

The nature of individual existence is "Soul." Soul is a non-local phenomenon which is an expression of the individual aspect of the collective consciousness of Infinity (God). The nature of soul is the harmony of the conceptual polarities which can be discerned in any existential realm.

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The spiritual conceptualization as to why God has spread its essence throughout the Universes is so that it may experience and learn about itself within its own eternal search for meaning, and manifest the love which comes from existence in peace and freedom in its different existential realms.

Since human beings may be born into this world as either male or female, soul must not itself be male or female, but must be a combination of all elements possessing the ability to create life. The spiritual conceptualization of sexuality is that it is the mental expression of the physical manifestation of soul in its spiritual attempt to fulfill the eternal search for meaning by God, and since soul is the harmony of the conceptual polarities which can be discerned in any existential realm, soul cannot be identified as being "male" or "female" but must be identified instead as being "uni-gender" by nature (or "unisexual" or "intersexual" or "androgynous"). However, when soul comes into existence in the human species to fulfill that eternal search for meaning by God, it comes into a species that is at this time mostly not hermaphrodite (possessing male and female genitals) and is instead mostly divided into two genders containing the essence of the nature of God (except for a very small percentage of hermaphrodites), and thus, the sexuality (sexual orientation) of soul as expressed through the human species is better described as "bisexuality" within the conceptual realm of sexuality.

At the same time, while in human form the nature of soul, as regarding sexuality, must be described as "bisexual," in spiritual form (or perhaps, better put, in "heaven," on the "mental" and "spiritual" realms), since soul is uni-gender and androgynous, the true nature of the sexuality (sexual orientation) of soul must be described as being homosexual.

Gender and sexuality can be found to exist in many different combinations in nature. Some species of lizards are exclusively female and reproduce by parthenogenesis (essential cloning), but still mimic the sexual act in order to stimulate the reproductive process; these lizards can be described as lesbians in the animal world. Some species of snakes are primarily intersexed (hermaphrodite), and produce intersexed young. The bonobo apes, claimed by some people to be the closest species to mankind in the animal world, are bisexual, and peaceful, by nature. Some single-cell forms of life reproduce asexually, and forms of homosexuality are generally found in heterosexual species. Asexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality all exist in abundance in nature, and in the species closest to mankind, bisexuality is the sexuality that must be considered natural to the species.

Human beings can choose to participate in the same type of a physically polarized reproductive lifestyle as pigs, and horses, and apes, and cows, if they desire to live their lives by that definition, or they may choose to seek a personal spiritual lifestyle and eschew a physically polarized reproductive lifestyle until perhaps some time in the future, they may find themselves in a more advanced and balanced form that allows them to better express the true nature of soul. Ironically, a condition exists in the animal world, or more accurately, in the zoological world, where some species refuse to breed while held in captivity; such species are clearly sending the message that they will not reproduce offspring into a condition they consider as slavery, and this condition may be likened to a similar condition and a similar message being sent to society by homosexual people.

Sex by itself would appear to have two specific purposes (basic form): the reproduction of the species (procreation), and the experience of physical, mental, and spiritual sensations of love in the Universe (recreation). The use of sex in a responsible manner purely for those two purposes would appear to produce no direct harm to any other person, while the misuse of sex can produce a multitude of problems for people as individuals and society as a whole.

The use of sex in a manner which directly harms the person or property of other people, through forced participation (by coercion, date-rape, and outright rape) or irresponsible application (by the inability to completely and appropriately support and provide for the lives of the resulting children), or through use in a manner which purpose is to create a psychological gratification of the individual ego (by "keeping score," lying about sexual experiences, and harming the reputations of innocents), are all patterns that are manifested by the inability of parents to convey the intelligent and compassionate purposes of the use of sex to their children. The use of sex in this manner often produces continued instances of irresponsible reproduction, producing unwanted and unloved babies and perpetuating the pattern of child abuse/abandonment/molestation/mutilation/neglect that is an observable result of the manifestation of such misuse.

Further along with this logic, it can be observed that people who use heterosexual sex for any purpose other than procreation would appear to be identifying themselves as potential child abusers; this is because they apparently hold the reproductive act that is the source of the creation of children as something they may use casually for their own recreation. In this consideration of the practical application of sex and sexuality, the use of heterosexual sex for anything other than procreation would appear to be as illogical as considering the use of homosexual sex for purposes of procreation. The lesson learned is that the use of heterosexuality is wisely voluntarily confined by people to their procreational needs, while the use of homosexuality is wisely voluntarily enjoyed by people for their recreational needs.

The logic can continue by asking the question: is it the meaning of life of the individual souls of the human species to physically reproduce the species, or is the true meaning of their lives to physically, mentally, and spiritually reproduce love among all its members? Should the human species exist in a manner where romanticism dominates through the perpetuation of a lifestyle based on physical reproduction of the species, or should human beings use their facilities to seek out an alternative meaning to their lives and a lifestyle that might be consistent with the realm in which they will exist some time in the future?

Further depth into this matter can be gained from an examination of the current condition of the world, and in an understanding of the root cause of all the problems of the world. The cause of all the problems in the world must be one: the inability of the parents and leaders of the world to provide love, nurturing, and education to their children that would allow those children to respect the unalienable rights of all life forms. If the world exists in a condition of hate, conflict, and slavery, then the people who are responsible for training and educating the children must be responsible for the problem, and those people would be the parents and the leaders of the world.

In most modern-day societies, it is the job of women to seduce men into believing that they are beautiful and desirous and that men should give up some of their freedom to serve them, when it is often that womanly seduction itself that interferes with the function of service to their children, and interferes with coming to an understanding of their own uniqueness, individuality, responsibility, and equality. When people discover the beauty of their own physical form and the beauty of other people of their own gender, and when men come to understand the natural basis of the innate seductive nature of women, then women are no longer able to seduce men arbitrarily and somehow take away their freedom, their children, their property, and end up controlling those men and their lives.

The following questions must be asked of men who primarily seek physical beauty in their mates all their lives: how many years will your women be as beautiful as you desire, and how many years can you expect to be with them under those expectations? If you base your attraction to your women on their appearance, and not their ability to raise children, then what will that mean for your family in the future? And the following questions must be asked of the women who primarily seek physical beauty all their lives: why do so many women wear "makeup" in order to appear beautiful to men and why does even the prettiest woman choose to wear a mask of "makeup" on her face; and what is this thing called "cellulite" and why does even the slightest woman discover it on the parts of her body that she cherishes so much and that men appear to cherish so much? And so, if women base their value to their men on their appearance, and not their ability to raise children, then what will that say about their appearance in the future?

It is now being claimed by modern medical science that there are only 30-40 days a year on which most women can possibly get pregnant, leaving 325-335 days a year for sexually-active heterosexuals to enjoy without the possibility of unplanned birth, and thus, it should be easy for people to avoid bringing single-parent, unwanted, unloved, and abused babies into the world. With so many possibilities, it might be wondered why so many people turn out to be so disrespectful of the opposite gender, and it might also be wondered what has prompted them to treat their brothers and sisters in the human species in such an exploitive manner.

In a study of the growth pattern of a child, and from an observation of that pattern understanding its nature, it is possible to conclude that since a child is a brother or sister in the human species who simply cannot yet make children (the definition of "children" being used), children have no practical heterosexuality at all. That little boys and little girls are not crucially interested in sexuality, but instead have a keen and inquisitive sensitivity, is obvious upon observation.

Children want to love their parents, and they want their parents to love them, and they want to love other people, and they want other people to love them, and they want to know that other people are loving other people. Children just want to learn and have fun. Unless it is somehow forced upon them, they apparently have no comprehension and no desire for the responsibilities of sexuality, but instead have a keen and inquisitive sensitivity about the joys of living life, and about the joys of loving life. This can sometimes be seen when children "play house," in that gender often does not appear to matter to them in the roles that they play or that they choose to play.

The next conclusion along this logic path might be "all children are born gay." There appears to be some double-meaning to that conclusion, when people look closely at children. If children cannot reproduce, and if the definition of children is the brothers and sisters in the human species who simply cannot yet make children, then if children cannot possibly make other children, what practical use could they have for heterosexuality? The true beauty of children arises from their personality, curiosity, imagination, fun-loving and inquisitive nature, and other qualities and characteristics that exemplify the wonderful spirit of love, peace, and freedom that is natural, but no longer wholly evident, to the human species. And children's bodies are exclusively nonreproductive and nonsexual by nature, appearance, and functionality.

Furthermore, a study of the structural facial characteristics of children, when compared with the structural facial characteristics of homosexual and bisexual people, will result in the observation of a discernible pattern of similar innocence, happiness, and childishness, distinctly different from the hateful predatory structural facial characteristics that can easily be observed on the faces of active, aggressive, self-indulgent heterosexuals. The difference in this matter is the difference between a caring, knowing smile, and a selfish, ignorant sneer.

In species that can be identified as being on a similar existential realm or being eligible for social interaction with the human species, the disproportionate majority of the offspring of those species are born with an inability to immediately reproduce, preventing them from producing offspring until some time in the future when they have learned the necessary skills of reproduction and are able to act socially responsible in the matter (the higher the intelligence of the species, the more prevalent the pattern), and perhaps identifying a part of the nature of the place from which they originate. That little boys and little girls are sensitive to the meaning of the reproductive act, when told about it, is obvious; it appears that children immediately recognize the sacred nature of the reproductive act because they understand its importance to their existence.

That little boys and little girls are so often so happy and gay until they reach the age where they obtain the ability to reproduce (which no longer makes them children but "young adults" instead), is an oft-spoken observation; often unspoken is the observation that the condition of the gay youth of children is similar to the stereotype of the condition of homosexuals by society, and this is a condition which should be considered normal for children. Thus, it would appear that anyone who interferes with the ability of children to understand their true nature is committing some form of child abuse upon those children.

It would appear to be to the benefit of parents and children both, if children were to be carefully educated about the possible uses of sex and sexuality at an age just before they obtain the ability to reproduce, so that they may be responsible in their decisions regarding the reproductive act, and it would appear to be to the benefit of parents and children both, if young adults were not condemned for experimenting with homosexuality. The advantages of delaying heterosexual activity and participation in reproductive acts until mid-life years after the acquisition of sufficient wealth, information, and exposure to different types and forms of parenting, along with the tolerance of homosexuality as an alternative form of intimate companionship, would appear to be a new and different approach to life and an ideal solution to many of the problems of child abuse in the world.

Parents need not even overtly teach their children about sex and sexuality to accomplish the result, in fact, they need not ever proactively mention anything about sex and sexuality in their teachings. But they could include, in any good learning curriculum, and before children obtain the ability to reproduce, scientifically-oriented teachings about the nature of reproduction among many different species (including the human species) so that children will know the biological truth about the many different ways in the world that physical life originates. Once children understand this basic scientific information, parents will find that at the appropriate age (and this will be different for different children), children will be able to formulate intelligent questions regarding sex and sexuality as far as it relates to reproduction and as far as it relates to intimacy, and unless prejudicially-influenced, will end up growing up with the most basic biological understanding necessary towards sex and sexuality.

The majority of educated children will responsibly realize that they do not want to have children yet, until some time in the future when they are better able to support children and when they have found someone appropriate for them to have children with (and the most intelligent and compassionate among them will realize that they do not even really want to get caught up in the whole immature reproductive "dance" of society in general), but they still might like to share sexual intimacy with other people, and because they understand about the requirements of raising a child, through their own personal experience, they logically shun experiences that might require their immediate maturity into adult responsibility, and will turn to homosexuality with people of a similar age as a way of fulfilling their need for intimacy. This is, of course, what young people ideally want, if society would only let them have what they want.

The absolute truth is, that all people have the innate capacity to enjoy sexual relations, and even emotionally intimate relationships, with both men and women. But, because most of society is so anti-gay, many people (rather, those lacking in intelligent and compassion) are directed (some might even say "brainwashed") to act only on their heterosexual leanings.

Then what about the price that has been paid by children by the failure of people to understand this basic form of nature? Is this not a great price that has been extracted: the pain and suffering of children? How much more pain and suffering must children experience before people admit their mistakes and their humanity? Could a new and different way of life produce better results for the lives of those who have most suffered? Are there enough people in the world today so that a new and different way of life is not only realistic within an understanding of the nature of soul, but also necessary within the practical understanding of the population of the world?

And what type of people bring children into a world where so many people are controlled by either cruel masters or false doctrines? And the final and perhaps most important question to so many people: what would your God say about people who bring children into conditions of hate, conflict and slavery, and who worsen those conditions by not teaching their children how to live in love, peace, and freedom for all people?

Truth, knowledge, love, friendship, freedom, companionship, tranquility, and responsible parenthood; those are the keys to productive life in the world. It is apparent that the physical reproduction of the species is necessary for the mental and spiritual reproduction of love to continue to manifest itself in the world, and thus a strictly homosexual lifestyle would appear to come up somewhat short of producing that result by eventually leading to the extinction of the species, unless, of course, it is right and proper that the species become extinct. In conclusion, a physical, mental, and spiritual bisexual lifestyle is a balanced way of life that accomplishes the purpose of the meaning of existence for individuals in a species, and for the human species as a whole.

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