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Christopher Ryan Scully Stories
Having a child certainly changes everything, and the arrival of Christopher Ryan Scully is no exception to the rule. Mulder and Scully now must learn to deal with the 'unexpected' joys Christopher brings to their lives and the way he changes their relationship forever. Of course, parenthood is also life's biggest adventure, especially when you add in a few shadowy, conspiratorial figures, some abductees and 'weather control.' One of My Own 2002 version added 26April2002.
Calendar The Calendar Girl Series I
It all began on Christmas Day 1998. Mulder and Scully have definitely discovered a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays throughout 1999! This series is written from Mulder's POV. Most of these stories can be considered NC-17. Completed 9January2000

The Calendar Girl Series II
Set post-Requiem, a pregnant Scully deals with her new partner and the loss of Mulder. This series is separate from season eight. You don't need to read all of Calendar Girl I to read this series. The stories can be considered NC-17 and as hard as I've tried, I'll probably never finish this part of the series. Last Updated 26February2001.
Font Inspired Fiction Archive
Fonts can express so much. Designed to convey an idea in just letters before they are even words, they become masterpieces once they make up that word. And then a fontographer gives them a name and allows us to use their creation.We take it a step further. We take that name and that font and turn it into a story. And those stories are archived here. Updated 18March2003.
XFJAG Let The Journey Begin
A series of stories set in the present and the past, this collection of X-Files/JAG slash crossovers explores the relationship between Fox Mulder and Harmon Rabb over the past decade. NC-17 for m/m content. Updated 20June2000.
Stand Alone Stories
A little bit of this. A little bit of that. The stand alone stories encompass everything from post episode fiction to some good old fashioned smut. Some stories in here are NC-17, so if you are underage, please don't read them! Updated 07August2003.
Lessons Lessons
After some fun on the baseball diamond in The Unnatural, Mulder and Scully continue playing games. Each takes a turn teaching the other something new with only one goal in mind. This series was written with my good friend MoJo. Completed 17January2000.
Imagine discovering one day that you've repressed a memory of something unexpected, something that you really shouldn't have forgotten. Scully and Mulder explore the past, present and future in this story as they come to terms with how what happened years ago still effects them today. Completed 02November1999.
Humor FBI Agents Just Wanna Have Fun!
The lite side of the X-Files for sure! Mulder and Scully get out of their TV selves and have some fun. Mulder a budding romance novelist? A trip to Disney World complete with Winnie the 'Stalking' Pooh? One never knows what's going to happen when the agents get silly. Updated 21January2000.

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