IGN: Any particular reason you'd want to concentrate on the console version first before coming to a decision as to whether or not you should do a PC edition?

Chris Ulm: Well for one thing, we feel that consoles are where the action is; especially for shooters. It's just that this is a great opportunity for us to do something really unique and fun for the PS2 audience as well as for the Xbox. Personally where I'm coming from, I really like console controls and I'm sure I'm a minority in that decision. But I like having a controller with a thumb-pad and face keys instead of a keyboard and mouse. No, really!

We also believe that over the last three or four years, the audience for shooters on a console has been growing pretty steadily. So for all these reasons, it's a no-brainer to go for the consoles first. Plus, our game has an in-depth storyline, great characters, giant bosses, and a lot of things from the console world that we think they're more likely to enjoy and identify with. And finally, we want to put out a product that's more mainstream rather than develop something for the hardcore PCV market.

IGN: With that in mind, why not go for the entire console audience and aim for the GameCube as well?

Emmanuel Valdez: For the longest time we were debating whether or not to bring it out for GameCube, but it came down to looking at the marketplace to be honest. There's just not a lot there in the GameCube market right now and we're not sure if our product would do well there. It was a hard decision for us to make, actually.

Secondly, we're developing the Xbox and PS2 version simultaneously and that's using up a lot of our resources. If we were to allocate even more of those resources to doing a third conversion it would take us a lot longer and be a lot harder to make something we're not so sure would do well in that market. So again, this all came down to making the best business decision possible.

But you know, it's not entirely out of the question somewhere down the line. We could always go out of house and give it to another developer to do if they were interested and if the demand from the GameCube audience was strong enough to want it. We could still end up doing that, who knows? But for know it's all about the Xbox and PS2.

Chris Ulm: And as we mentioned before we sat down, this game will likely end up getting a Mature rating. For a game like that, the numbers say that the Xbox and PS2 markets are the audiences to cater to in that regard. In short, we wanted the best stage possible for the kind of story we wanted to tell.

IGN: Since the game will likely get the M rating, what type of adult content could we be looking at?

Emmanuel Valdez: Well for one, you can blow peoples limbs off, you can blow people's heads off, and you can do really violent things like that. It would be really hard for us to get a teen rating with something that extreme. If it were only skeletons we were doing that to, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but since the majority of the things you'll kill have blood and flesh, you can expect lots of adult-oriented violence.

Chris Ulm: I don't want to spoil anything, but there could be some nudity in the game. [laughs]

Paul O'Connor: There are adult themes, characters, and situations that will be happening that we don't want to give away right now.

Steve Fowler: It has a lot to do with the intensity. It's not just violence for violence's sake; it's what's actually coming at the character. I worked at Microsoft previously and when we submitted Halo to the ESRB initially we first thought we were going to get a teen. And we actually did get a Teen the first time because there's really not that much red blood in it. You know the humans are in it, but you don't actively shoot at them and you have purple-blooded aliens.

But then when we gave them the second round submission, we got the mature rating. It's because we sent a flood in. It was just waves and waves and waves of bad guys coming and rushing at you. What they explained to us was that the frequency and intensity of the violence and action of the game was on a mature level. Our game is going to be action-packed like that, so we can't anticipate anything other than an M. It's going to be intense; you're going to have major adrenaline rushes every 30 seconds in every corner of the game.