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Review of "Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail" - Digital Book

by Brian Schilling, AAUG member
Reviewed 10/04

Electronic books are a new phenomenon in the publishing world. TidBITS publishing is one of the first to deliver electronic books to readers with their Take Control series. One advantage is the speed of publication which can quickly respond to the ever-changing computer industry months before printed text is available.

One of the latest TidBITS e-books is Joe Kissell's Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail. Other books by Kissell include Take Control of Upgrading to Panther, Take Control of Email with Apple Mail and 50 Fast Mac OS X Techniques. Instructions are included for printing the book at home as well as how to keep informed of free updates. Readers can download the book to their own computer and read as many times as desired.

Though all of us have suffered from the never-ending barrage of spam, Kissell nicely describes the history of junk mail, viruses and other unwanted messages. Readers are provided with a detailed discussion of the nuts and bolts of Apple Mail's junk filter and how to set up various filters to weed out unwanted, well I'll say it, JUNK email.

Experienced users will appreciate the details about how the junk filter works while new users will probably want to skip these details and focus on the very good discussion of how to set up mailboxes to manage your email and set rules to distribute mail to specific mailboxes including a junk mailbox.

Kissell also provides a good deal of detail on third-party software that provides more advanced handling of email than offered by Apple Mail. For $5, it is hard for beginners and experienced users to go wrong.

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Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail
Joe Kissell
TidBITS Electronic Publishing
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