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Fushigi Yuugi
Ruby: Okay, I had a lot of homework and projects and test, and all of the other stuff, and... and... and yeah... I'm like out of stuff to say today cause I... um... and.. *Cherry-cdhan suddenly pops out of nowhere* Ack! Cherry!? What are you doing here?

Cherry-chan: HIHIHIHIHI!!!!!*on a sugar rush* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! FF8!!!!!!!!*starts punching TV* um.....i need more chocolate!!!!*starts eating more chocolate she stole from her sister from halloween* YAY!!!!!!!

Ruby: Um.... well, at least that fills some of these big spaces here... and I'll end it... bye! ^_^

~Ruby November 3rd, 2001
Whoops! Anime Bloopers
All about ME!!!!! 
Hehehe..... the picture of Sailor Mars on the left is somehow like me...hehehe, well, actually, the only reason why I actually put this on here was because I tend to get um... how do I say this... I tend to get very angry, very easily...hehehe but now when I'm in a happy mood like I am now!
Sorry to keep all of you waiting! But this isn't exactally my favorite anime (even though it's still really good) and that's kinda hte reason why it took so long to get it up. Hehehe... sorry...........................
Card Captor Sakura
Ruby: Wai!Wai! I'm getting obsessed like almost everyone by this new and cute anime Card Captor Sakura! It's so kawaii! Go take a look at my page! It's soooooooooooo kawaii, and kakkoi! = ~.^ =
Ruby: After hearing the pleas of Marshmellow (that's the newcomer in my site.... his name..... well..... Sunny kept on calling him Marshmellow, and now he's grown adapted to it.... and he actually WANTS to be called Marshmellow.... so *sighs* that's how it goes, and that's how he'll be called.... of all the names he could of chosen... he had to pick Marshmellow! Geez! I'm surrounded by idiots! Well, maybe surrounded... but.... oh I'll just stop babbling...... -_-;;
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Yay!!!!! I finally got the picture from Kai-chan!!!! Yay!!! It's such a GOOD picture too!!! Awesome!!!!! Well, anywhos, I just want you guys to marvel at the beauty of it so I'm gonna shut up and go away for now k?

~Ruby, July 17th, 2002
New! New! Read... erm.... hear all about it! New!!! RGTV!!!! Visit! Visit! Bisit! Oops... typo.... heh...
Ruby: Hello minna-san!!!! ^_^
(suddenly someone pops in front of her)
Chen Fang: Ah!!! Where am I?!?!?! What am I doing here!!??!?!?!
Ruby: *jaw drops onto floor* Chen Fang?!?!?!?! What the h*** are you doing here on MY website?!?!
Chen Fang: How the heck should I know? I just somehow got transported... wait is that you Y-
Ruby: *clamps hand over his mouth* Shhhh!!!!! They're not supposed to know my real name!!!!! *notices where her hand is* Ewwww!!!!! Fang germs!!!!!! Yucky yucky!!!!!! *wipes it on his shirt*
Chen Fang: Well if you don't want people to know your real name then why do you put my real name on here?
Ruby: Because if people knew my real name they would put me in an institution for being insane and all that... but of course you don't really know my rep here in my website.... and just becaues I could care less about you! So there! No point proven... wait.. no I meant... wait... no... I didn't...
Chen Fang: Now I know why you don't put you real name out.... cause I'd probably be the first one to put you in that lucky institution!
Ruby: What!!!!! Don't you dare!!!!! And you know what? Since you're in MY website, I have complete controll over you! That and I can do whatever I want to you! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!
Chen Fang: *starts to cower* Erm....
Ruby: I sentence you to "the pink bubble" Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Chen Fang: Huh? *gets enclosed within a pink bubble* Hey! What's going on?!?!
Ruby: You are now trapped inside the pink bubble!!!! Muahahaha!!!!! I think I'm actually gonna enjoy you being here! I have a toy that I can torture now!!!! Muahahahaha!!!!!!!