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Our firm is a founding member of the regional organization known as "Grupo Jurídico Centroamericano", (Central American Legal Services Group), a strategic professional alliance of several law firms in the Central American countries, as well as in Mexico and Panama. This organization is a response to the needs of our clients to unify and expedite their business dealings in the Central American region.

Our professional group has developed different practice areas in response to the needs of corporations and individuals. Our aim is to help their business operations become more agile and provide proper professional support in all legal matters throughout the region, through the affiliation of law firms in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Grupo Jurídico Centroamericano has been able to establish itself as a trustworthy organization on a regional basis. Our clients are afforded the opportunity to coordinate all their business dealings in the region through Soley, Saborío, Fallas & Asociados.

The standardized, efficient nature of the service and the professional backing of each of our members, as well as the professional versatility guaranteed by our group, allows us to conduct our work in various areas of specialization such as Government Contracting, International Business and Investment, Commercial and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Tax and Customs Law, Real Estate, among others. We offer all this in adherence to the loftiest of professional standards demanded by the current business dynamic.

Detailed information about the members of the "Central America Legal Group" furnished upon request. Should you or your corporation require legal assistance in any of the Central American countries, Mexico or Panama, please do not hesitate to contact us by email and providing a brief description of the needed service or the issue you want to share with us. We will direct your case to the appropriate attorney in the correspondent country and he will be contacting you promptly. Your request can be email to Central America Legal Group. Thank you!