This page is ment to show off both art and other works from me about and related to R. Talisorian's Mekton-Z RPG supplement Starblade Battialon or SBB for short. It will be updated on (hopefully) a week-by-week bases as time (i.e. real life) alots (thus it's always "Under Construction").


Gary T. Washington

(PS: I'm still in the begining stage on webpage creation so please, bear with me-thanks)


12/5/98(est) - Webpage is up with illos of the SAC's Galliard mekton and a SAC skinsuited mekton pilot. 

12/19/98 - Major website revision. Both the ODF and SAC get their own sections (sectons for the other factions will be added as artwork warrents it). And a what's new section has been added along with a new SBB logo.  Also added are the ODF's Draken mekton, and a ODF skinsuited mekton pilot in the ODF Section.  And a revised version of the Galliard  in the SAC section.