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Fandyllic is a Mac gamer, but like most other schlubs has to use a PC at work. The only other MMORPG he has played before the World of Warcraft is the hardcore, PVP game Shadowbane and found it lacking. Never played Everquest, for some reason.

Active characters on Eonar server:

Name Race Class Level Profession 1 / Profession 2
Averbrook Human Warlock 22 Herbalist / Alchemist
Beltathar Night Elf Druid 21 Skinner / Leatherworker
Jeencho Human Priest 22 Skinner / Tailor
Trodin Dwarf Paladin 17 Miner / Blacksmith

Inactive characters on Cenarius server:

  • Brahmata, Tauren Druid
  • Zugluk, Orc Shaman

Inactive characters on Whisperwind server:

  • Night Elf Priest
  • Sprytle, Gnome Rogue
  • Rotjaw, Undead Warrior
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