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Our mission is: To promote the effective operation and development of the Internet and its related technologies in the public interest through leadership in standards, issues and education.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internet Society?

The Internet Society (ISOC) is the pre-eminent global authority on all issues Internet.

Since 1992, it has served as the international organisation for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet, promoting and maintaining a broad spectrum of activities focused on the Internet's development, availability, and associated technologies.

The Internet Society acts not only as a global clearinghouse for Internet information and education but also as a facilitator and coordinator of Internet-related initiatives around the world. Through its annual International Networking (INET) conference and other sponsored events, developing-country training workshops, tutorials, statistical and market research, publications, public policy and trade activities, regional and local chapters, standardization activities, committees and an international secretariat, the Internet Society serves the needs of the growing global Internet community. From commerce to education to social issues, its goal is to enhance the availability and utility of the Internet on the widest possible scale.

More information on the global Internet Society is available at www.isoc.org.

What is a chapter?

A chapter is a local expression of the global Internet Society. The English Chapter is known as the Internet Society of England or ISOC England.

An ever increasing number of ISOC chapters are being set up around the world. Local chapters enhance exchange and spark off debate of Internet related issues on a local or regional level. They also help to raise more general awareness of the role of the Internet and enable the point of view of the Internet community to play a key role in decision-making processes.

A local chapter is approved by the Internet Society and members of a chapter also are members of the global Internet Society. Your chapter pays your subscription to ISOC as part of your membership.

How can I join and take part in the English Chapter of the Internet Society?

You can join from this website. Once you have joined ISOC England you are also a member of the Internet Society globally. (This can take up to 6 weeks for confirmation from the ISOC secretariat)

To participate you can join any of the open members discussion lists. You are automatically included in the Announce list and you will have access to the Internet Society of England's website, membership services as well as the ISOC global membership information resources.

ISOC members are encouraged to bring relevant opportunities to the notice of the Society and to involve other ISOC members.

The chapter has some standing committees which members interested in developing the structure of chapter activities can participate in . However most activities are directly developed by members who can request the Chairman for the creation of temporary committees that enable that activity to be developed as part of the chapter.

Only the board is able to represent the chapter, approve chapter statements, white papers, official documents or enter into a contract with an outside body.

Where can I join the Chapter?

Fill in the membership form on this site. You can also pay for your membership by secure credit card facilities or pay by cheque.

I am an ISOC member already

You have two options.

a) You can affiliate to ISOC England through the ISOC site at www.isoc.org. This does not make you an ISOC England member but will place you on our contact database. Please note that there is a delay between you signing up and our administration receiving this information. You will continue to receive invoices and pay ISOC directly for your subscription.

b) You join ISOC England through www.england.isoc.org. This automatically renews your ISOC membership as well as giving you all the local benefits of chapter membership.

Membership Administration

We greatly appreciate the support of Grant Thornton in Oxford.

Members who have a membership subscription query should write to:

Membership Applications
c/o Angela Simmons
The Internet Society of England
1 Westminster Way

or by email to: Angela.M.Simmons@gtuk.com

I am a member - how do I take part in ISOC activities?

1) Check out our website at www.england.isoc.org for information on events and activities

2) Watch the announce list as it has information on forthcoming events and activities both in the UK and around the world.

3) Subscribe to other ISOC England and ISOC global lists.

4) Participate in events, seminars, conferences and training courses. ISOC membership provides discounts of up to 50% on many leading events and professional training activities.

5) Gather some colleagues in your area and plan a meeting. These do not have to be with existing ISOC members but those you feel are interested in developing a discussion on Internet. Many meetings happen in upstairs rooms of pubs, or in universities and schools.

Publicise the event by sending a brief email to secretary@england.isoc.org asking for it to be posted to the members Announce list.

If you take minutes or write up a report you can send them for posting to The ISOC England website webmaster@england.isoc.org

We want to encourage as many people involved with Internet issues to join ISOC England as possible. Please spread the word. If you organise a local meeting write to the membership secretary to see if a board member or other figure can participate to speak.

4) Internet professionals have many areas of expertise and so your skills may be useful to other members. If you see a topic of interest which you think ISOC members should discuss then post to the relevant discussion list. If in doubt join the members list which is the chapter's general discussion list.

How can I get my organisation involved?

ISOC England has two main organisational membership categories

* Professional Membership - for SME's and Not for Profit organisations £250 per annum

* Organisational Membership - for larger business organisations £500 per annum

In addition if you would like your organisation to be recognised as a leading participant in the Internet we have sponsorship and partners activities to support ISOC event,s and activities.

You can join as an organisation from this website.

Who owns and controls the global Internet Society?

ISOC is a US non profit making corporation. Its officers and main committees are elected by the membership. As an ISOC member you will be invited to nominate and vote for the governing bodies of the global Internet Society and we encourage you to make your voice heard.

Who owns and controls the Internet Society of England?

The members own and control the Internet Society of England. ISOC England is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It is owned by its members, whose liability is limited by the company's Articles to 1.00 per member.

ISOC England's board is elected by the membership. As a member you will be invited to nominate and vote for the board at the AGM. The chapter encourages members to stand for election who have a positive commitment to the principles and work of the Internet Society in England.

The formal structures of the Internet Society of England are stated in its Memorandum and Articles of Association and in the chapter's Rules. The Rules are approved by the Vice-President of Chapters of ISOC.

When was the last AGM ?

Friday 10th August 2001 at University College London
coinciding with the last morning of the IETF meeting in

When will the next AGM be held?

to be announced.


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