The St. Elmo Foundation
Supporting the Literary, Scientific and Charitible Activities of
America's Oldest Continuous College Fraternity.
The Seal the Foundation


There are -37 days left in this tax year. Here are 10 great, tax-smart ways to help your Brothers instead of your Uncle Sam!

  1. Cash
  2. Securities and Real Estate
  3. Life-Income Gifts
  4. Bequests
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Tangible Personal Property
  7. Charitible Lead Trusts
  8. Home or Farm Gift
  9. Revocable Living Trust
  10. Bargain Sales

Scholarships and Grants

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Officers and Trustees

W.P. Carey, H '51

Paul N. Leitner, N '73
Robert B. Smith, L '69
Bruce C. Belzak, Y '68
Raymond E. Joslin, S '55
Peter O. Lawson-Johnston, R '48
R. Kendall Nottingham, X '56
Joseph F. Scognamiglio, E '77

Gregory E. McElroy

Executive Director
The St. Elmo Foundation
174 Old Pascack Road
Pearl River, New York 10965-1553 USA
845.735.3278 (Voice and Fax) E-Mail

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