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Winter 1992

This car was owned by a friend's dad when I first saw it I decided right away that I would make it mine.

I had just totaled my 1977 Camaro LT ( a very nice low mileage car ) by driving half way through a Porsche 944 that thought they could turn right in front of me ( boy was she wrong ).


I had a fair amount of money that I was going to have to raise in order to buy this car but I was able to strike a deal with the owner that he would hold it until spring for me.

March 1992

I was able to come up with the cash needed to finally pay for the car that spring, but I needed to sell my written off Camaro in order to pay for insurance.

I drove the car completely stock for the first year before the changes started. I Started racing the car that summer with factory single exhaust , air filter and everything just as it rolled off of the showroom floor in 84, only it had accumulated 129 000 kms before I had purchased it.

My first year of racing the car was by no means a record breaker, posting times of 15.6 and slower, but it was a great way to break into the sport of drag racing.

In 1993 the changes had begun, I started with Fords factory headers and dual exhaust from a newer model Mustang.

I replaced the 14 inch tire's and hubcaps with 15 inch 10 hole rims shod with 255-60-15 Radial T/A's on the back and 235-60-15 Radial T/A's on the front.

I also installed a K & N filter in the Dual snorkel air cleaner, and was being taught how to tune the car a little, add in having had a lot of practice  driving the car I ended up running consistent 15.0's, but for the life of me I could not break into the 14's.

Season Finals 1993:

I had become obsessed with running a 14 second run, a friend of mine suggested that I take the serpentine belt off just before I run.

Well it worked!

My first run without the belt was a 14.74 with a 3 mph increase, and I was able to get it down to a 14.536 @ 92mph! This was better then I had ever dreamed that I would be able to achieve with such minor mods.

It was also one heck of way to end the season!

1994 came and went without doing anything for mods, But I was able to improve on my driving to keep me in the low 15's and a few high 14's all year long.