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Welcome to the Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF), a non-profit farm shelter for large and small animals located in Marshall, Virginia. MHF specializes in the rehabiliation of abused and neglected animals.

In December 1987, Hilleary Bogley opened Scruffy's Ice Cream Parlor in Middleburg, Virginia to gain community support for a shelter and to raise money to start Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF). An adoption program called Scruffy's Strays was started for needy animals that were being cared for in foster homes. Their pictures and stories were posted on the walls at Scruffy's. While the parlor did not raise much money over the next few years, it did begin to raise community awareness and support, bringing many concerned people, volunteers, and community leaders together.

In March, 1994, MHF was incorporated and listed as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a board of directors. In July, 1994, a group of investors purchased a 5 acre property near Marshall, Va. which can house 12-30 cats, 6-15 dogs, and up to 6 equines or livestock.

MHF maintains the property and operates the foundation by sponsoring fund-raisers, soliciting material contributions and funds from public benefactors. Additionally, we operate the Second Chance Thrift Shop, at 6 W. Washington St. in Middleburg, VA..

Hilleary Bogley, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, is Founder and President of the organization, and serves as a court-appointed Humane Investigator for Fauquier County, Virginia.



Hilleary Bogley


Steve Harkabus


Carolyn Short

Office Mgr.

Kim Zimmerman

Admin Assts.

Sandy Thomas and Tina Curtis

Animal Care

Samantha Carroll, Sherry Benson, Katie Beam, Theresa Davis

We at Middleburg Humane Foundation believe that all animals, large and small, have the right to safe and sanitary living conditions, protection from abuse and neglect, and to live their lives in an environment free from pain and fear. We are achieving our goal of a humane and responsible community through outreach programs of assistance, education, and where necessary, intervention.

The world of humane work is tough. Every day is stressful and hectic, happy and sad. It takes a certain type of person to be able to cope with the daily dealings of working at and running a humane society. MHF is fortunate to have a wonderful group of dedicated staff and volunteers. At the MHF shelter, we receive approximately 40-50 phone calls each day along with the responsibility of caring for the many animals in our care. Each of the phone calls requires attention from a staff member in terms of a possible adoption, animal cruelty or neglect, spay/neuter assistance, lost or found, the unfortunate unwanted animals, coordinating volunteers and fundraising; that's only the tip of the iceberg! At the MHF shelter, we have an average of 60 animals. In addition to the high number of cats and dogs, we provide care for pigs, goats, horses and various other livestock. Each of these animals has come to us from various cruelty or neglectful situations that require intensive daily behavioral and/or medical care.

Being part of a shelter that offers the rescue and rehabilitation of animals is the most wonderfully rewarding work in the world. We all love what we do here therefore putting 110% effort into the animals and the shelter everyday. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers and contributors, along with the community for being so supportive in so many different ways. Because of our staff and volunteers and the continued support of individuals and businesses such as yourselves, we have been able to provide a loving safe haven for many animals since 1994, along with educating and spreading compassion throughout our community and beyond. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


Contact Us

Snail Mail

Middleburg Humane Foundation
P.O. Box 1238
Middleburg, VA 20118


(540) 364-3272




Please help us provide care for needy animals.

Your support is greatly appreciated!!!
-large rawhide dog bones
-plain clay kitty litter
-bleach & paper towels
-laundry & dish soaps
-funds for spay/neuter
-garbage bags & postage stamps
-stainless steel feed dishes
-feed store gift certificates
-35mm film & developing funds
-kitty cat scratching posts